Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Comments Feature Fixed

Hey all: My experiement with embedded commenting has come to an end - at least until they figure out how to fix the bugs.

If you haven't commented because you haven't been able to, problem should be fixed because I went back to the comment dialogue box method.

My apologies to anyone who was negatively impacted by this. I really LOVE your comments. So please don't stop speaking your mind...


  1. I give up on it for the very same reason. And, I also didn't like that you couldn't subscribe to comments.

  2. I think it was a nice idea, but in pratic didn't work very well.

    Oh, I LOVED my first yoga class, not too hard, but my boones were making sounds.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me!!!!!
    You're great K.


  3. glad you fixed the comment thingy, I tried earlier to say that I'm intrigued by the new AGO...don't know if I'll actually a-go to it (nyuk nyuk)...still haven't made it to the stupid new ROM because I'm scared I might get cut...

  4. I just waited until today to comment on yesterday's post. I'm patient. But I'm glad you switched back. I think it's better this way.

  5. Thanks for being patient, everyone!

    Seeker: Love that you loved your first class. I want to hear more!

    Tanya: LOL. You know, when my baby was the age of your baby (like, a long time ago) I practically lived at the (pre-Chin) ROM. Those dinosaurs saved my ass.

    E: I know it is. Thanks for all the feedback...