Monday, November 24, 2008

Dulce de Letdown

Hopes and Dreams Spoiler Alert...

Nice photos notwithstanding, the President's Choice Dulce de Leche cheesecake sucks.

I'm sorry to disappoint you. I only hope that, if you have access to this piece of genius marketing, you read the reviews before you go out and spend your hard earned money. And/or try to fob it off on guests. Next time I might try that.

The fulsome story:
  • This thing is the size of a pancake. Not that this mattered to us, because we threw half of it away.
  • One piece is insanely small (presuming you actually opt to eat it). The photo below shows it on a freakin' salad plate!

  • The cheesecake has no bite (though it is on the dry side - rather than whip-y - the way I like it).
  • Cake surrounds the cheese, rendering it the majority of the dessert. And the cake bit is one part stale-seeming, one part unimaginative and one part cake around cheesecake?!?
  • As Steen said: It's a marketing vehicle for the Dulce de Leche sauce which, btw, you can buy in a jar. That's one fine product, for what it's worth.
  • We all decided that, next time, I'm going to artfully swirl a little ddl around my world-famous poundcake. (Now, that's got me excited.)


  1. Is Dessert Dessert still around in TO? Or Dr. Cheese and the Cake Lady (on Brunswick)? Because I can wholeheartedly recommend them for fab takeout cakes, etc . . .

  2. I'm sorry this turned out to be a dud. My sister used to eat dulce de leche from the jar, with a spoon, not sharing.

    PC pumpkin cheesecake...very perfect. (I don't work for Loblaws, btw...)


  3. I hate a disappointing dessert!
    Thanks for the warning.

  4. Boo! What a bummer ...

  5. This post title may have made the bad dessert worth it!LOL!!! But, no, sorry it was a disappointment. Bad food can be tolerated but bad desserts are heartbreaking!

  6. Miss C: Dessert Dessert is not. Just Desserts is. And that cheesecake place, i keep looking for it. According to the phone book it's still around...

    Tanya: Sisters are so selfish :-)

    Janet: You can't imagine how wretched it was, just as our tastebuds were primed!

    Sal: I like to dwell on the calorie savings :-)

    Bel: I'll tell my husband, who came up with the title. I thought it was genius!

  7. That is appalling! I'd have had to eaten all of it to completely verify how bad it was!

  8. Oh, my dear I'm so sorry that the desert ended not to be the best.
    But fortunatly the rest of your so elegante and chic dinner was a sucess.


  9. Thats were a (camp) after dinner mint comes in handy. BTW - you're a big WINNER!!!!!

  10. Too bad the cheesecake wasn't what you dreamed of. I guess the positive thing is, now you know what to do with the sauce!

  11. If I remember correctly, the PC PLAIN cheesecake is quite nice, and would probably be a good vehicle for the sauce. Not haute cuisine, but good in a pinch and super-fast...

    Cake around cheesecake sounds icky. Poor you.

  12. gosh. i just love cakes!thanks forposting!

  13. tragic. now I'm looking forward to your cake. I bet you're a fab cook.

  14. Kate: LOL! Trust me, you would have taken a spoon to the dulce and thrown the rest out!

    Seeker: I wasn't traumatized. I knew it was a grand experiment...

    Wendy: Why I didn't just break out the Cadbury candies from the Halloween bag is beyond me.

    Matt: Hilarious. And thank you. I LOVE winning!!

    E: You live, you learn...

    Anon: Is that you Sandra? The plain is really good. I should have done plain with sauce on the side.

    Thanks to you Jules, for commenting!

    Songy: I do a nice dessert, I will admit :-)