Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dinner at Eight

You know how the uber-glamorous, Swedish blogger Sandra at niotillfem seems to live fabulous party-to-party. (I have this, likely unfounded, impression that she hasn't spent an evening that doesn't involve a martini glass in 3 years!)

Well, here's my riff on the high-life... PS: I think it might be more exciting when the liner notes are in Swedish.

Dinner Party

Peeps: Me, Scott and our great friends Steen and Nicole

Scene: Freezing misery outside, warm cheery fun within

Menu: Hors (brie, applewood smoked cheddar, sesame crackers, olives, walnuts and dried fruit, Ksar mix), green salad with bacon, seeds and tomato, lemon roast chicken and veggies, dulce de leche cheesecake

Wine: Cannoneau de Sardegna granache, Dame de Briante brouilly (award winner!), Marques de Riscal sauvignon

Let the games begin:

The Table:

I particularly love my red-light lamps which make me feel like I'm dining in a famous steakhouse.

The Snacks:


The insanely delicious chicken Scott made:

Have you ever noticed how, in Sandra's blog, the gorgeous partiers are always kissing? As an experimental homage, we decided to get physical :-)

Scott machinates about how he's going to get out of cleaning up the kitchen...

Old friends make great company...

I know, I know, you're thinking - where's a shot of the freakin' cheesecake? Well, Lovelies, please stay tuned for an entire post on just that topic. Coming soon. (Ooooh, suspense!)


  1. Say, that looks like a fun crowd. I bet you had a great time.

    The decor and food are beautiful! So is your hubbo, he's hot!

  2. You have a beautiful life. . . and Scott. . . well he's so handsome in his sweater! You make me want to have a dinner party!

  3. I just assumed that the cheesecake was all eaten before you could take a proper shot of it. :)

  4. Awesome! I love the hot girl on girl kissing action. :)

  5. Those kissing photos are adorable.

  6. Looks like a great dinner! I heart your narrow hallway . . .

  7. Your dinner looks so perfect!

  8. Weird, I didn't get my invitation...I would have brought you the PC Pumpkin Cheesecake and you would have wept with happiness (provided you like pumpkin?).

    Looks like you had a lovely time! yay!

  9. You gorgeous hostess you. You look radiant. And, the food looks amazing. It is 7:58 and I am craving roasted chicken, salad and a chunk of brie. Yummy! So glad your lovely and chic dinner party was such an absolute success.

  10. Wow K what a gorgeous table and all seem amazing.

    How wonderful that all was such a success.

    Congratulations you're a gorgeous hostess.


  11. Thanks E. S got on my back for the "crap" photo of him, so I have passed along your compliments!

    E8: WHy thank you. I do have a beautiful life and it's important to document it sometimes! I bought S that cashmere cardi at Club Monaco recently(on sale!)

    Raven: Ha!

    Dr. M: We did that specially for you :-)

    Wendy: Merci!

    Miss C: I heart any house wider than 15 feet :-)

    Diana and Nadine: It was a very enjoyable evening. I thoroughly encourage taking photos of your parties. Makes you more conscious!

    Tanya: Major oversight on my part. I do indeed love pumpkin. But my peeps are all pumpkin-phobic (insanely).

    Bel: Thank you! Chicken is not only delish but makes you feel happy!

    Seeker: Thank you. Next time you visit your sister you'll have to drop by for some fun!

  12. Ooh - so elegant and grown-up, impressive!

    Bummer that that cheesecake was a dud (I had my suspcicions that it might be), you definitely need to make your own yummy cake next time.

  13. Firstly I now know what I can expect when I drop in for dinner and secondly I've spotted my competition. The question is can Scott rock out a pair of zebra print shoes like moi?

  14. Skye: You really called it. Of course, it was a long shot. And thanks for your lovely comment.

    Mattie: If you come for dinner, I'm pulling out all the stops! And, alas, though he has terrific qualities, Scottie cannot rock the zebra like you honey.

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