Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Like Clothing for Your City...

This week, in deference to the (re)opening of a premier architectural landmark (the Gehry AGO addition), I thought I'd focus a bit on spaces and interiors that appeal. Please stay tuned for Art and Design Theme Week, sure to appeal if only for my decidedly unsavvy (read: "real layperson's") perspective.

I didn't do architecture at university and I don't know much about interior design - unless my natural flair and fierce opinion count for knowing something, that is. And I'm gonna hedge that, since it is my blog after all, they do! :-)

PS: I've been tagged with a few great awards and fun games over the past couple of weeks, super lucky me! Just want to let my generous tagging friends know that I haven't forgotten and I am intending to post and send the love along to others soon.


  1. Looking forward for those ;)
    I also didn't do architecture at university but as you say we have our opinions which is great to share.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. I'm looking forward to "Art and Design Theme Week," and to all the tags.

  3. you live in a great city. hope you had a great weekend, K-line.

  4. Merde! I accidentally deleted your comment on the Angleterrible bag while trying to post it . . . Would you be so gracious as to re-post? :-) . . . I obviously need my morning coffee.

    Can't wait to see what's new in TO architecture!!

  5. Mea culpa and oy vey--your comment is safely there (it was on a different post than I thought). Coffee!!

  6. Hey all, thanks for the enthusiasm!

    Miss C: Coffee is useful, yes? :-)

  7. You are trying to get me on the plane and to your city, aren't you?;-)