Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the Bag

Meet my latest "lunchtime Xmas Shopping, theoretically for others" purchase for myself:

Zara Sac with Chain Handle, $49.00

It's made of fake cow-hide but I can tell it will be one of those faux skin bags that lasts in spite of my torture. And it's got a wonderful way of being small until you start filling it up. At which point it seems to hold umbrellas, magazines, kid mittens and one's lunch (not that I ever bring mine to work).

And did I mention that I adore the light grey colour. And the chain. So "rock star on her day off, wandering the streets of Paris, smoking Gauloises and eating pastries".

The most fun part, other than that I own it and love it, is that I discovered it (the only one in the store) in the hands of another woman who was carting it around, putting it up against other merch, looking for a match.

With steely intent, I willed her to put it down. And 2 minutes later I succeeded.

Waiting the appropriate 5 second grace period (ya know, for second thoughts), I swooped in around her and grabbed it with contortionist precision. I mean, the woman gasped audibly.

Alas, her time was done. And I ran off to the cash with nary a look behind me. (Does this make me coldblooded?)


  1. I *adore* the pleating around the handles. Ornate but simple.

  2. Whoever said there were friends in shopping lied! I would have done the same thing for that bag.

  3. OMG I laughed "seeing the picture".
    Desire is such a powerful energie...
    And the bag is great, lucky girl!!!


  4. Andrea: Thanks! I feel it was some of my better work :-)

    Tessa: The moral of the story is to stay out of my way in the shops :-)

    Ambika: You are so right. I love that too. But didn't realize it till you mentioned it.

    Chelsea: I'm only glad you weren't there at the same moment! :-)

    Seeker: I was a little cut throat, but in a nice way!

    E: Is this supposed to be a compliment :-)

  5. I know that Parisian rock star of whom you speak. She's the one who can eat anything and not get fat either yes? I'm very impressed by your shopping Kung Fu.

  6. you waited? While I am not with the program vegan pleather wise, If I liked something that much I am afraid my hand would come out from behind a clothes rack and grab the bag as soon as it hit the deck.
    What bag? I would say.

  7. Good one, K-Line. I'm proud of you. That's a real beauty. I wish we had ZARA here.

  8. That bag is really awesome. So awesome I think I need to visit my nearby Zara and see if I can resist in person...

  9. SKM: That is precisely the woman of whom I speak! :-)

    Hammie: You cutthroat, you. Of course, I'll try that tactic next time...

    Songy: Thank you. Zara is a bit dangerous. So just as well you don't have to contend with it!

    Rebecca: Tell me if you find it in Greece...

    Janet and Nadine: Thank you!

  10. haha that is a great story! =) i love that grey bag it's so beautiful! just discovered your blog and am really liking it! would you mind if we exchanged links? i've added you to my blogroll! thanks =)

  11. Tis: Thanks for your comment and for linking me on your blog. Just checked out your blog and it looks lovely. I look forward to getting to know it. I'll add you to my blogroll.