Friday, November 14, 2008

Beige Turtleneck: Bloomingdales circa 1990

To call this piece ubiquitous is kind of understating it. I've had this Bloomie's sweater forever. It cost $50.00 on sale at Xmas almost 20 years ago. It has weathered many seasons, fluctuating weight, every trend you could imagine. And it's still here...

Necklace: From Ewanika. It's two separate stones on either end of a chain, which you tie.

Short outdoor/indoor wool jacket, 3/4 sleeve, inset belt by Club Monaco

3/4 black wool wrap evening coat by Kenzie. It's weird poodle-y fabric. Shoes: Vintage YSL


  1. What a greast bunch of posts. I get to see great photos of the best looking most stylish blogger in Canada. Thanks for the whole series. I hope they never end.

  2. I am beyond impressed that you've cared for this piece for 18 years. Worth it, of course, but still impressive!

  3. I think I need a poodle-y fabric coat. If I had one, I'd hope to look as good as you do in yours.

  4. OMG, you, Ms. K-Line, look unbelievably chic. You look so chic in that coat and shoes that you have made me aware of my limited vocabulary and how I am unable to relay just how chic you look.

  5. "Poodle-y" is my new favorite word.

  6. You look super chic!

  7. You are looking very very chic here I must say - and i love that necklace :)

  8. I'm a turtleneck fan, and I really admire you for keeping this piece so well all this time.

    You look great my dear.

  9. Oh I like poodle-y too. I've seen quite a few like that in Paris.
    That coat is classic. Great A line the arm length is perfect. I'd better look up Kenzie. I wonder if I could buy that stuff in AU.

  10. Now that is a purchase well worth it! Your coat is lovely and the poodle-y fabric sounds very interesting. Is it soft?

  11. the trench is perfect!

  12. Oooh, Monkey - Way to flatter a simple "Terono" girl (as we like to pronounce it). If Tanya reads this, there's gonna be trouble :-)

    Thanks Sal. It's my own version of vintage! I have cared well for it. And I wear it once a week all winter, amazingly.

    E: Thank you!!

    Belette: You are hilarious and so sweet. Since "chic" is my fave adjective, you need not think up any others.

    Wendy - :-)

    Merci Yulanda!

    Jen: Thank you. The necklace was a bit of a splurge but I have worn it often for years.

    Seeker: Thank you so much!

    Songy: I think you probably could find Kenzie. I think it's fairly popular. Just tried to find a url and now I can't remember if it's Kenzie or Kensie?!? Let me look at the coat again. BTW, even though it's got the poodle thing happening, it's fabric, not fur.

    Jill: It is quite soft. As I mentioned above, it's not the fur kind of poodle-y (not that that's poodle, of course). It's a fabric.

    Thank you Raven and Jennine!

  13. Such a beautiful beautiful coat!

  14. Hi Marina: Sure thing.

    Nadine: Thank you. It's got some drama...

  15. How did I miss this post? That evening jacket looks STUNNING on you.