Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Note of Warning...

Found this in the window of a vintage store on Ossington I walked past after dinner at Delux.


  1. The note is cheaper than a security system and less messy than a dog. But, it is sad that they feel they have to do that.
    p.s. Am I the only one who does not enjoy the use of "guys" as pronoun that is used for a mixed gender group. I thought that one thing that English had over Latin based languages is that we didn't do that. Sorry, K.line, for my tangent.:-)

  2. Excellent!
    I would still leave a blue jacket on the back of a chair in full view of the window, to give the impression there is a security guard on site. Well, a vintage security guard...

  3. i found you through ... now i forget! ha! anyhow i found you, and i love the picture at the top your blog, your glasses and hair, and this sign :)

  4. Oh my goodness...a way to get your point across!

  5. I'm liking the use of the word shit here - talking of shit here my tolerance of people breathing is at an all time low!

  6. They must have suffered some vandalism/break-ins! Too bad.

    I hope that sign deters any future tomfoolery.

  7. I love a funny note - and always photograph them when I find them.

  8. Someone must have done it obviously. Funny sign alright.
    That resto sounds divine. Will you take me out if I ever visit you!?

    the tights.. yes. I do hate those don't last. I might do a post on that one.

  9. We should attach a (modified) sign like this to our bags at the end of the day.

  10. LOL so funny.
    If bad guys insists they can't say they weren't warned...


  11. totally hilarious ;) But its kind of sad to know that people have to leave such a harsh comment to convey such a message. :( miss ur blog :)

  12. Tangents are welcome here, Belette! The store is in a fairly gritty stretch, so they're smart to say something (in the absence of a security system).

    Hammie: Hah!

    Melmo: It's cute, non?

    Maggie: Why thank you for your comment! I'll have to check out your blog. The photo at the top is actually my daughter. Thanks for your kind words...

    Diana: I thought you might appreciate this!

    MDS: Ah, loud breathing!! May the force be with you...

    E: The sign actually freaked me out as it made me laugh. It made me wonder, wait, was I considering a break-in :-) (Like it expected me to be bad.)

    Wendy: I know.

    Imogen: It's fun to chronicle the truly strange moments.

    Songy: For sure! You would love the place. Very atmospheric and the food is great. ANd they don't skimp on portions!

    Miss C: You could design a bag that says this!

    Seeker and Paper Doll: It's one of those strange but true signs.

    Jules: It is a sad commentary on the times. I agree...

  13. Haha ingenious! Let's just hope the "bad guys" can read :D

  14. Ms. U: You know, I never thought of that :-)