Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Note of Warning...

Found this in the window of a vintage store on Ossington I walked past after dinner at Delux.


  1. The note is cheaper than a security system and less messy than a dog. But, it is sad that they feel they have to do that.
    p.s. Am I the only one who does not enjoy the use of "guys" as pronoun that is used for a mixed gender group. I thought that one thing that English had over Latin based languages is that we didn't do that. Sorry, K.line, for my tangent.:-)

  2. Excellent!
    I would still leave a blue jacket on the back of a chair in full view of the window, to give the impression there is a security guard on site. Well, a vintage security guard...

  3. i found you through ... now i forget! ha! anyhow i found you, and i love the picture at the top your blog, your glasses and hair, and this sign :)

  4. Oh my goodness...a way to get your point across!

  5. I'm liking the use of the word shit here - talking of shit here my tolerance of people breathing is at an all time low!

  6. They must have suffered some vandalism/break-ins! Too bad.

    I hope that sign deters any future tomfoolery.

  7. I love a funny note - and always photograph them when I find them.

  8. Someone must have done it obviously. Funny sign alright.
    That resto sounds divine. Will you take me out if I ever visit you!?

    the tights.. yes. I do hate those don't last. I might do a post on that one.

  9. We should attach a (modified) sign like this to our bags at the end of the day.

  10. LOL so funny.
    If bad guys insists they can't say they weren't warned...


  11. Tehee, thats GREAT!! Love it :)

  12. totally hilarious ;) But its kind of sad to know that people have to leave such a harsh comment to convey such a message. :( miss ur blog :)

  13. Tangents are welcome here, Belette! The store is in a fairly gritty stretch, so they're smart to say something (in the absence of a security system).

    Hammie: Hah!

    Melmo: It's cute, non?

    Maggie: Why thank you for your comment! I'll have to check out your blog. The photo at the top is actually my daughter. Thanks for your kind words...

    Diana: I thought you might appreciate this!

    MDS: Ah, loud breathing!! May the force be with you...

    E: The sign actually freaked me out as it made me laugh. It made me wonder, wait, was I considering a break-in :-) (Like it expected me to be bad.)

    Wendy: I know.

    Imogen: It's fun to chronicle the truly strange moments.

    Songy: For sure! You would love the place. Very atmospheric and the food is great. ANd they don't skimp on portions!

    Miss C: You could design a bag that says this!

    Seeker and Paper Doll: It's one of those strange but true signs.

    Jules: It is a sad commentary on the times. I agree...

  14. Haha ingenious! Let's just hope the "bad guys" can read :D

  15. Ms. U: You know, I never thought of that :-)