Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brown Cable Knit: Ca Va de Soi circa 2007

I know these aren't the best shots ever, but I'm trying to show you the versatility of thick cashmere (albeit in a fitted style) to create a long, slim silhouette.

This Ca Va de Soi sweater (cashmere and merino), from Ewanika, was on sale for about $100.00. It was very well-priced, IMO, given its original price was twice that, and the cashmere isn't flimsy in any way. It's got give but it snaps back.

Its greatest strength may also be seen as a bit of a flaw: It's a very bizarre, potentially hard to manage, caramel colour. Given how well it fits, I'm sure this is the only reason it ever made it to the sale. But with my new, crazy highlights (and my propensity to mix yellow with anything) it works particularly well.

Looks great with skinnies and leggings too...


  1. Fantastic colour on you. And, I love it with the yellow belt. I would have never thought of that. I am not much of a belt gal so I am always inspired and in awe of those lovely gals who wear them well. That little pop of colour gives greater depth to the ensemble.

  2. Any shot of you is a good shot in my book. Hubba hubba.

  3. Speaking of - I LOVE the highlights. Are you still wavering?

    Pairing that rich caramel with black is a great choice. Love the yellow belt for contrast - a metal belt could work, too, no?

  4. Belette: You really should start to experiment with the skinny belt. The one in the photo here cost 2 bucks. No joke. And I wear it all the time! Gives lovely illusion of slenderness whenever you want it!

    Dr. M: Sparky is a lucky gal to have such a complimentary guy. Thank you!

    Sal: Still wavering, yes. But getting more used to them. With my new, shorter still, edgy haircut, I think they work better. It's so funny that you suggest pairing with metal because I tried that! (Great minds think alike). It did look good but it wasn't the best belt for the look. I think your idea is super sassy stylist! Hope you're feeling better.

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  6. Oh I love your yellow belt!!!
    It's so well puted together with other pieces.

    Well.... I'm a belt's woman... ;)


  7. YAY -- a girl after my own heart. i love brown with yellow!!

  8. Anything with yellow is good in my book. :) You look very slim and lovely here!

  9. I'd love to see that caramel sweater with a fire engine red tank underneath, poking out.

    Alternatively, also try a periwinkle blue top underneath, along with your yellow belt.

  10. You look great in that - the colour really works for you. Isn't caramel a kind of neutral, it looks almost a tan colour in the photos? So it should work with most anything, I can see it with purple in particular.

  11. You manage that color very well, K. It's really great with the dark and light colors you used in your outfit.

    And what a pouty mouth!

  12. I love this cashmere sweater as well, but I am replying to your reply on the last post: yes I did, sorry I forgot to provide the link, here it is:

  13. Why do I love brown on everyone but myself? You look lovely.

  14. Yeah it does work. It's great that you can wear a skinny belt. I can't.

    I heard that merino acts very much like our skin. That's how one could wear merino stuff in summer climate as well as winter.. that said I didn't like what I tried last year. It was prickly!

  15. Hi Marina: Sure thing. I love bottes - esp. when they don't cost a fortune :-)

    Thanks Seeker!

    Jill: Brown and yellow are dynamite, I think! Glad we are sympatico.

    Andrea: Thank you. Slim is always a nice way to look :-) And I KNOW you love yellow...

    Imogen: Great suggestions! I am totally going to try them.

    Skye: Imogen thinks red would work too. I'm going to try them all. And it is kind of a neutral colour, now that I think about it.

    E: I don't know what was up with the pouty mouth. I couldn't stop myself!

    Thanks Janet! How's the trainer going?

    KD: As I mentioned on your blog, you look dynamite!

    E8: I'm sure it would look great on you. Caramel is a bit easier than dark brown, I think.

    Songy: I'm sure you could wear a skinny belt fantastically. And give merino another go. You might not have got the softest kind. Really good merino costs almost as much as cashmere (unfortunately!)