Saturday, November 8, 2008

It Appears I Love A Lot of Things...

I never realized how much I totally love the things I love, until I started this blog and it occurred to me that you, my friends, might love them too!

So here's today's offering, Sahale Snack Blends:
I particularly love the Ksar mix, a delish combo of pistachios, pumkin seeds, dried figs and spicy zing. It's salty, sweet, spicy heaven! And it's entirely healthful / within the spectrum of one's daily diet.

I love it when nutrition and satiety converge!

PS Just reread this and it sounds very "advertise-y"! No one paid me to endorse this product. I swear. :-)


  1. Those sound good, I wish they were available around here.

  2. Oh those look like a delicious snack. I'm trying to find healthier things to munch on because I'm ALWAYS snacking. Where can I find them?

  3. Like Dr. Monkey I sooooooo wish I could find them here, sounds really delicious.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, dear.


  4. I'm hungry, and I know if I forage in my pantry, I won't come up with anything as good as this!

  5. I Love Love Love Sing Buri! I used to see these at Target and still do but they only have a couple varieties. My father got some Sing Buri at Costco!

  6. I love quick food, we hardly ever find time to cook at home.

  7. They all look divine. I don't think I can get them in AU though. :(

  8. Goood snackies are one of life's special treats!!


  9. Haven't seen these in the stores down here . . . alas.

  10. Hey Monkey: I think they deliver... If you'd like me to send you a package, tell me which you prefer... (Oh, and see Maggie's comment below!)

    Y: I found them in two HFSs in Kensington and in the new Sobeys Fresh on Bloor in the Annex. If I see them elsewhere I'll let you know but I'm sure they're at the Big Carrot or Noahs.

    Seeker: See my comment to Monkey. It stands for you too.

    E: But you have KooKooRoo - yes? We used to have that and then it closed down.

    Maggie: Thanks so much for that info!

    Jen: I love calling it quick food. Cuz it is quick - but not fast!

    Hey Songy: See comment to Seeker and Monkey - and also note they may deliver to you...

    CC: So true.

    Miss C: I'm sure they'll deliver to your neck of woods and Maggie says they have them at Target and Costco - 2 places I don't have access to.