Monday, November 3, 2008


Some people are just not appetite-driven. (You know, the ones that can do a little cocaine recreationally? The ones who eat a single, slim potato chip and stop? Those who pass by a Baskin Robbins, like, completely unphased?)

Well, apparently, I'm not one of those people. At least not when it comes to Club Monaco. Apparently, at CM I have a problem.

Here's the thing. Everything in the entire fucking store is beautifully displayed, deliciously tactile and it looks great! I could seriously spend 3K in 10 minutes on some crazy shopping blitz. (Not that I have done, or would do, this. Of course.) I have this absurd and bourgeois perspective that, if something fits gorgeously, then it's only right that you should own it. I mean, not at Chanel... But at Club Monaco, this seems reasonable. And, naturally, this absurd, consumptive, relatively affluent perspective is offensive. Not to mention insane. So I apologize. But just in that temporal, guilty way that addicts (stopping in at the local 12-step prior to meeting the dealer 'round the corner at Starbucks) do.

May I also say that, if you were one of those people who needs to look chic but couldn't care less about the creativity and eclecticism inherent in building a wardrobe slowly, with love, over time - not this demographic, obvs - then you could drop into CM one Wednesday evening (preferably at the beginning of a sale) and buy every staple you require, plus a little bit of bling, no problem. And people would stop you to tell you how much they love your ____.

I seem to be the only one who writes about this place. Is it just me who loves it to bits???

Please stay tuned for tomorrow, when I continue to harp on about this - but throw a couple of photos in for good measure.


  1. I'm looking forward to photos! Australia is so far Club Monaco free, but given my penchant to also indulge in unhealthy levels of bulk consumerism, I suspect this may be a good thing for the time being!

  2. I totally understand; I am like that with Starbucks and Forever 21; like a homing pigeon.

    Fun(ny) post, KL!


  3. I hear ya. I stopped into a CM recently after a long break and was really impressed with all of the options. I didn't buy anything but I really wanted to.

  4. It does appear that they're having a good season. I don't know why, but I've never bought anything from that shop ever. I guess I'm fearful that I'll fall out of love with it once it leaves the beautiful display.

  5. I would write about them if I had access to one. I bought many great things at CM when I was in Chicago. Now, I have no idea where the closest CM is. And, really, they need to make their website shopable. They have one of the worst big chain websites ever.

    I have a skirt I got at CM for $12. The day after I bought it I saw Oprah wearing it on her show( I am sure her stylists got it for free when it was full price, $120-). Every time I wear it I get raves of compliments about it. It has a permanent place in my closet.

  6. I have only glimpsed the wonders of CM - many through you - but completely understand the appeal. And the thing is, I think most women who have difficult-to-fit physiques (meaning most women ALIVE) have a hard time passing up garments that fit them impeccably. We think, "WHEN will I look this sextastic in a pair of pants again? I must have them." And it's not so out-there. Just hard on the finances if there's an entire STORE that makes you look sextastic.

  7. Ms. U: I hear that!

    CC: I am like a homing pigeon. Excellently phrased!

    AIS: I've been hitting CM since it began (when I was about 13). It was run by Alfred Sung then. Then the Mimran's took it over. Now it's Ralph Lauren. It's so different from the RL aesthetic though, don't you think?

    E8: OMG - you must buy something now! :-) Does (vaguely) affordable cashmere mean nothing to you!!

    Belette: You called their biggest weakness. I couldn't agree more that the online presence is embarassingly bad. I mean, do they not care to sell to anyone around the world? I've tried to find pics of great pieces online and I never seem to be able to - cuz they don't preview anything. Good point.

    Sal: You totally understand me. It's because it all feels and looks so good ON ME! And because, never mind me, I love it when I see it on others, in mag editorials etc. Which makes it that much more fantastic.

  8. Club Monaco is brilliant - I get it and would choose it over Banana Republic anyday. I think of it as the Katherine Hepburn of retail

  9. Me and my little island we don't know Club Monaco :(
    So I will look to the pictures and will sigh. *sigh*

    You and LBR said the have an online shop... you know if they shipp international?
    I'm trying to find a faux fur long vest, but I'm freaking out because what I saw they don't ship international.


  10. Like Etoilee8 (how do I pronounce that, anyhoo? ay-twal-ate?) I have never bought anything there.

    K-line, I think I need to hire you to dress me, I can't be wearing this muumuu forever... ;)

  11. I love CM, but it doesn't fit me, alas (except for t-shirts).

    I understand your love for it. It's got a great spot in the hierarchy of affordable style.

    I love the fabrics they use for their t-shirts. I had a brilliant black one years ago.

    I'd go there for t-shirts more often, but they're an hour away, so usually I don't bother.

    (K., I'm glad you returned to the old comments format, now I can blather about how I feel again!)

  12. Diana: Indeed, we do! Some of us have more than others...

    Kate: I love that you think that. Great way of putting it!

    Y: You, I know I didn't have to convince :-)

    Seeker: What Belette was saying is that they really don't have online options. The website is awful and I've never seen anyway to order it through the company online. If anyone else can figure it out, pls. advise.

    Tanya: I'm very affordable. I just need lunch! If you'd like to get together, email me. And I'm sure you wear the muumuu with Island chic!

    E: I'm glad you, and others, will be able to comment again. Sorry for the experiment gone wrong. I can't believe that only the T's fit!? Is it because they cater to a shorter frame? And, can't you get with their accessories instead?? :-)

  13. You know what I was going to say...
    Lucky for me then. We don't have F21, CM, H&M or ZARA. Do you feel sorry for me at all? No wonder I try yardage fashion. :)

    Thank you! You think I'm chic? That means my yardage fashion is working, ho ho ho. Oh I'd better start sewing then or is it sawing? Well I should really do both anyway.

  14. They have some really nice things actually, but I always thought their name sounded like a cruise ship. So I never went inside their stores. I think that's just the ESL girl in me though.

  15. Um, hello Songy! You are the chicest! :-)

    Peas: So nice to see your comment. We are both fans of the fabulous Etoilee! The name "Club Monaco" is awful, I agree. But it's so part of my landscape I can just forget that. Banana Republic is also an awful name - one that I can't seem to ignore...

  16. I've never seen Club Monaco before - but from the web it looks like a great mix of classic with a twist.

    I realise I've got an addictive personality, which is why I never tried much in the way of illegal substances, as I was too worried I'd never stop. Unfortunately that hasn't worked with chocolate.

    Now I can get my shopping fixes more of the time by shopping for others, rather than spending my own money. Plus I get to dress others in all the gorgeous clothes that just don't suit me.

  17. It is totally classic with a twist, Imogen! Chocolate is legal because they know there would be an uprising if the lawmakers tried to drive it underground :-)

    I would love to be a stylist. What a terrifically creative job - and one that allows you to bring out the best in everyone!