Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oversize Oatmeal Cardi: YaYa Aflalo circa 2006

This piece is so warm, so deliciously amorphous. But it does add volume... (I discovered this particularly while looking at about 10 photos I deleted instantaneously!)

The funnel sleeve is my fave element - or maybe it's the shawl collar. This piece feels amazing with a cashmere cami underneath (not that I appear to be wearing one). But, yes, I own one of those too...


  1. Oooooh, that looks like a fuzzy, warm, soft cocoon of goodness to me. Is it belted?

  2. Cozy and chic rarely coexist in a single garment. This sweater proves that it can happen.

  3. It looks perfect for a day like today.

  4. Seems so comfy and the shawl collar it's such a lovely detail.

    Good for the temperatures you're expecting in TO ;)


  5. That is fabulous!
    Your smile lights up my blogosphere, K.Line!


  6. I don't think I've ever seen you look so happy, K. How wonderful you must feel!

  7. Ooh, I love this, it really suits you! The volume has a slimming effect, conversely. Just gorgeous. And a lovely, soft colour - oatmeal and cream shades are my favourites. :)

  8. Love that one. I like that colour.
    Do I see your fancy bra under that? wooyeee!

  9. funny that the word verification for that last comment of 'fling'! Somehow relevant or what? :P

  10. wonderful and cozy cardigan! and you have such an adorable smile.

  11. Sal: It actually has 2 rows of snaps - inner and outer - that give it a very fitted, thick hem at the hips. Sometimes a little too fitted!

    Thanks Belette. It's true what you say - it's hard to find them in a single package.

    Y: It was perfect on that day!

    Seeker: They're now predicting slightly less harsh temps and snow starting Tuesday. It's getting better!

    CC: You are so sweet to me. I was concerned I looked goofy...

    E: There's nothing like cashmere to make me super cheerful! (And Scott said something funny.)

    Thanks Andrea!

    Songy: That's my turquoise leopard pattern with pink straps bra. The matching thong panties have an embroidered heart right at the tailbone. I LOVE them!

    Wendy: Me too!

    Thanks F!

  12. oh man, if i owned that, i'd probably wear it until it disingrated off my body.

  13. Thank you Lavender!

    J: I find it compellingly wearable, I'll admit it!