Monday, November 10, 2008

'Shmere Campaign

My husband came up with this title and he'd like you all to be aware of that. :-)

At any rate, y'all know (if you've read this blog at least twice) that I'm a bit of a freak for cashmere. There are few substances in the world that thrill me as much. It's so soft, so fluffy, so slim, so durable, so insanely warm. And it comes in so many deniers. I own cashmere that's thin enough to be translucent. I own cashmere that's thick enough to be cable knit. I own scarves, glove sleeves, hats and - natch - sweaters. Practically zillions of them - or maybe more like 10. Of course this doesn't include the many sweaters I have that are constructed of merino wool.

I suppose now's a good time to say, please don't judge. I live in Canada peeps; it's frickin' cold here! Besides, never has a girl taken such good care of or enjoyed every element of buying, owning and wearing the stuff. So it's all good.

Recently, I came up with this idea. It includes:
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 1 skirt
  • 3 jackets and
  • 4 cashmere sweaters
What I've decided to do over the next few days is post photos of me in (basically) the same outfit - working a few styles of cashmere to (I've gotta hope) good advantage.

To kick things off, here's a couple of shots of me in that new - admittedly not cashmere - Club Monaco V neck I profiled last week. Talk about getting your money's worth in photos and copy!


  1. I know this isn't related to cashmere, but did you get highlights?

  2. Oh for the love of cashmere, how can you stand to be so cute and beautiful?! I love all these pictures you put up!!!

    I'm not a good shopper/dresser (that whole muumuu thing, you know...) so last year I decided to buy a cashmere sweater from Land's End. Soft delicious pink, oh I fell in love. Put it on and almost instantly it pilled! WTF?

    I thought cashmere was not supposed to pill? I guess this was a crummy kind of sweater, but I did return it.

    I know Costco is also selling cashmere sweaters but I have never felt the urge...maybe the sweaters are made of cat fur?

    Anyway, off to Buffalo tonight with my sisters, back tomorrow...can I get you anything?

    (sorry for making this so long!)


  3. What a great way to start a Monday/ Thanks for the pictures of you! You look fantastic, as usual.

  4. Looking great dear, love your top with some argyle style and your shoes, are lovely. I have no T strape ones, I think I want also ones.

    Thank you darling for your words of support, you're very kind.

    Take care beautiful


  5. Great idea!

    And I have to agree with the Seeker and say that those shoes are stunning, I am seriously envious. :)

    A xx

  6. I have an unhealthy amount of sweaters but shockingly enough only one is cashmere! I seriously need some more! I really love the colour and pattern of this sweater. Very nice!

  7. Tres chic! Totally love the shoes too. I've never owned anything cashmere...hmmm wonder why that is...

  8. I think freezing climates call for cashmere, absolutely! It is the best, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in your cashmere collection.

  9. You look AMAZING, K. I love everything about this outfit, but most especially the skinny belt. Perfecto! Look forward to the upcoming outfits ...

  10. Sounds like a fun idea - and you are off to a great start!

  11. SO with you on the cashmere! it was actually Skylark that got me turned on to looking for the shmere on the racks in op shops and I gotta lovely peachy sweater recently in perfect nick. Wore it under a coat for a forest walk and finally got the warmth without weight thing!!!! Next morning I wanted to wear it again, and again.
    This weekend we did LDN and I got a lovely scottish cashmere wrap around for £30 in Oxfam, in Hammie Pink. I also tried on several mens sweaters which I tried to convince Mr H to buy to no avail (His answer: They're grey) And with the dry cold windy snap which has gripped us suddenly today (your weather whizzing down the atlantic towards us) I have YEARNED for those 2 big shmerey sweaters, YEARNED I tell yehs!
    So yeah K, I gettit!!

    ps. once again I am floored by your rack. Why didn't I eat my crusts or whatever would have given me a balconette like that when I was a kid?

  12. Oh I love cashmere but most of all I love your shoes in the pics! Where are they from?

  13. Oooh, I like your outfit! I especially love the shoes. However, the reason I am commenting is because I wore a bow blouse today and given your bow blouse post a little while ago, I thought you might like to know. :-)

  14. Tell husband he is funny and he has great taste in lovely wives and that he is a lucky man. Okay, now back to you, you look brilliant in that ensemble. Each piece works perfectly together.

  15. K, you are a DISH. And your hubbo is very clever.

    I love that sweater on you, and the shoes with it are particularly clever.

  16. cashmere or not that v neck is very good, very flattering.

    you talk cashmere.. Now I heard that merino wool is even better and that's what I'm thinking of getting for summer wear (as it doesn't get that cold in perth).. would you know anything about that?

  17. Miss C you have an eagle-eye!

    Tanya: You are so sweet - and hilarious! Sometimes cashmere does pill (generally the less upscale) but it depills quite easily (drycleaner can help you). Nonetheless, returning the sweater was not a bad idea. Hope you had fun in Buffalo!

    Dr. M: Thank you!

    Seeker: Glad you like the look and be well!

    Andrea: The shoes are from Aldo. You might be able to get them online (as they are current season). They are also soooo reasonably priced.

    Jill: That's crazy! Only one?! Run out now and get more :-)

    B: Maybe cuz you live in Africa? :-)

    Hey Skye: Great to see you! How is it going? Can't wait to see your new life in posts soon...

    Thank you Sal!

    Diana: Thanks and I loved the article on you.

    Ms. Wendy: Only the pomegranate necklace could have improved on it a bit, non?

    Hammie: Thank you! :-) I hope LDN was as fun as I'm sure it was and I'm so glad Skye turned you onto the shmere. By the end of this week, if I have my way, it'll be the only fabric you wear all winter! (Ireland is cold and damp!!)

    Kate: They're from Aldo, of all places. It's a CDN brand that has a bit of intl. profile, as I understand it. They were 70 bucks (about 35 pounds). Steal, non? And totally walkable comfy.

    KD: I love to know. I'm sure you were gorgeous. Did you post about it??

    Belette: Such generosity of comment! I will be sure to let him know :-)

    E: You always know just what to say... :-)

    S: I'm intrigued you've heard that merino is better. I wonder in what ways. (Do let me know.) I love them both but I do prefer the feel of cashmere. However, in less cold climates merino may well be the smarter choice. And it hangs beautifully.

    Mattie: Coming from you that's praise. Love how you're a journalist's source shoe expert. Good article.

  18. I love cashmere - it's so buttery soft and never prickly like wool can be.

    I don't have the same need for it as you do (not having quite the cold winters of Canada), but everytime my local cashmere boutique has a sale I try and pick up a piece fyi

  19. Imogen: Thanks for the link. I'm sure on those cool days in AUS it is just the thing. You don't even have to put something over it - thereby obscuring it's fantasticness.