Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If You're Staying in this Evening...

...Ring in the New Year with some excellent new blog fare!

Y'all know I'm one of those mothers who doesn't buy into the yummy mummy phenomenon. Parenting is tough stuff and, while rewarding, is not for those who enjoy sleep, leisure, agreement or the presumption of peaceful meals.

On this note, I have recently discovered:

Motherhood in NYC: An acerbic and incredibly well-written account of family life in the Big Apple. Marinka is from Russia and has some incredible insights about being a "new American" (she's been an expat for much of her life) and a modern woman. She does not sugar coat the parenting experience, which thrills me, to be honest. And she's hilarious. Note: You do not need to be a mother to like this blog. In fact, the less you idealize kids, the better!

Is There Any Mommy Out There: Authored by a mother of 3 and soon to be 4 (all under the age of 4, I think - still new to the blog and figuring out the time lines), this woman deserves an award for optimism and fortitude! She's really living the new mom experience and, while she's obviously nuts about her kids, she isn't opposed to telling you some hair-curling tales.

Update: I was right the first time - it's 3 kids, soon to be 4 all under the age of 4. Thanks for clarifying, Anymommy!

Check 'em out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BTW Ewanika Is One of my Fave Places

on sale now

at EWANIKA our end of season sale sees discounts of up to 50% off all merchandise, including accessories.

490 college street, toronto, ontario m6g 1a4 tel. 416.927-9699

Friday, December 26, 2008

Disappointment Is Free

Note to reader: In some hideous twist of fate my computer seems to be on its last legs - either that or my transformer is. So even though I have ideas a-brewin', I may not have any vehicle for distribution till I can get a new ____ (in a week or so) or coerce my husband out of his.

Nonetheless, onward and upward. (I feel vaguely like I'm rearranging deck chairs, but worse things have happened.)

What I want to tell you about, while I still can, is how truly unsavory the sales were today. I mean, I know the glory of Boxing Day has been on the wane for a few years now, ever since the market went to pre-Xmas sales. (Remember how you used to have to actually pay full price for your presents?) But really, I saw better deals in the 2 weeks before Christmas than I did today at a diverse cross-section of retail outlets.

And you know how Club M roped me in with its 75% off bullshit. Well, most everything I saw was a max of 20% off and most of the things there were far less $$ in my 30% off-30% off forays of early December. When I noted to an SA, that the sign proclaiming that the (admittedly divine) cashmere scarves were down from $109 was false - said scarves were only ever $99 at full price - he gave me some half-assed explanation and admitted that the sale was less than spectacular, esp. if you'd bought half the store up by Nov. 28.

Please, CM peeps. First your website blows and now you're dabbling in false advertising?! You know I love you but really...

But wait, there's an upside. Some places were truly packed out in my little town. M0851 was like Pearson Airport-on Xmas Day-crowded. There was not a pair of sale-priced men's gloves to be had anywhere. And, for all my shopping hopefulness - and hope-dashedness - I spent 30 bucks. And that was on fancy raw cheese from the fancy boutique grocery store in the chichi area. (30 bucks doesn't really get you that much cheese but my parents were arriving today and, as my husband is incapable of serving dinner before 7 pm (thanks for cooking, Sweetie!), I had to ply the 'rents with high-fat snack foods.)

OK, gotta sign off. Just wanna say, while shopping ennui is, well, filled with ennui, it sure is nice to the bank account. And check back for more posts. Because I intend to be picked up by the metaphoric Carpathia.

Peace out. K

What are you Waiting For??

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why am I Not Surprised

Of course she gets Agent Provocateur under the tree... What's the betting she also got drank some fabulous Egg Nog martini while trying it all on :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy, Happy Hols!

Lovely friends:

I hope you have the most restful, enjoyable time with whomever you have the chance to spend the next few days. Whether or not Xmas and New Year's are your holidays of choice, they're a great time to eat for pleasure and chill.

Over the next few days, when family comes to visit, I don't know if I'll have the opportunity or motivation to blog. Of course, it's always when I think this that the most terrific ideas hit me over the head :-)

Check in occasionally and let's see what I come up with. But I will certainly be back to the "regular schedule" (whatever that is) in the new year.

Love, K xo

PS: Thank you for reading, commenting and inspiring me to write. I appreciate it more than you can know.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cover Up

I do love me a good opera-length glove!

So sassy next to fur:

So rich in red:

Club Monaco Red Leather Gloves
Original Price: $90.00, Sale Price: $28.00

Someone's lucky sister may be the beneficiary of these incredibly well-priced Club Monaco babies... Fortunately, for the sake of holiday surprises, she all-too-rarely reads this blog!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cue Cleavage

When's the last time you saw a fashion model with tits? I don't mean big tits - I mean any tits. And don't hand me those Vic Secret ladies because they don't count. PS: In truth, their breasts aren't particularly large, in the scheme of things and, face it, they are genetic flukes. Not that I'm jealous.

So my previous post introduced the myth of breast size as an asset. The reality is - and image consultants will charge a lot of money for this little life-changing fact - that symmetry and proportion are everything. Most skinny girls with big tits are either artificially skinny or artificially endowed. And it does look unnatural - even if, in rare instances, it's is entirely natural for the woman in question. Likewise, women with full abdomens or straight waists who have very tiny breasts can look disproportionate.

Most women have one breast that's larger than the other. Statistically it's the left breast that's more likely to be larger. No mind. I know that this can be very distressing and (more to the point) technically challenging for some - especially if the disparity in size is more than half a cup. But a good bra can manage all these niggling challenges: reining in, lifting up, shaping, evening out etc.

This post is specifically for my friends Sal and Hammie, who asked me to focus on lingerie for the very small busted woman. In my books that's someone who tops out at a 34B. FYI, many women wearing a 34B are really a 32D so they don't count. Point is, don't assume your breasts are actually the size you think they are until you get professionally fitted.

Brief Sidebar: For the record, I think small to moderate breasts are between a 30-34 B - D. In my books, you don't have large breasts till you are in the DD and up. And keep in mind, a 30DD is the same cup size as a 36C. Back size influences cup size quite dramatically. So when you wear a 36 back to fit into a C cup when you are really a DD cup with a 30 back your breasts look saggy, pendulous, unsupported and crappy. Just like when you wear an A cup and you try to fit into a small B because that's all that's available in the style you like - or because your back size is very small but the store only sells a 34 and up you end up swimming in the cups - it's gonna look meh.

Where's this going? Tiny breasts need the same attention as large ones in a world that only caters to the (ever diminishing numbers of) moderates. Often small breasted women have small backs or special needs and a lingerie store that understands this is the place you want to be. It may cost a lot of money to dress your breasts to their best advantage, but trust me it's life changingly, confidence inspringly worth it.

Figleaves is a great place to look for things you like, but you should only buy from a retailer that can fit you in those bras to ensure that they are right for the shape of your breasts. Asymmetric breasts need a less flexible cup. Small pointy breasts have different needs than flat ones.

And please, please, please listen up: This isn't the post to find you frillies for less. I'm all about spending on the important stuff - and stuff that makes your tits look great is right up there. Once you find that tremendous bra, get the matching bottoms! Do you have any idea how hot you're going to look in a matching set? No? Then try it on! The illusion of symmetry produced by matching top and bottom is worth its weight in gold. If you get bottoms to suit the shape of your ass and lower abdomen, coupled with that perfect bra, you will be a sexpot vision.

On with the show...

Demure Every Day Set

Fleur T Orchid Lace Cup Balcony Bra and Panties (Below)

OK, I love the wide-set strap. And I am very partial to a balconette. I love how delicate a strap can be on a girl with small breasts! The underwire will give lift and a nice plumpness in the upper breast. It's not tremendous in producing cleavage, but it's demurely sexy. And the undies, while not my regular style, are not super low or high cut.

Fleur T is a brand I'd never heard of till I started searching for A and B cup bras. I discovered it on this interesting site: AA Lingerie.

Sexy Every Day

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Seduction Bra and Brazilian Brief

I desperately searched for this in black and here's the best I could do:
I've seen it in the CK store in black and it's smoldering! I hate white undies - they show through clothing, they tend to bring out the pallor in women. So I'd never advise shelling out the bucks on white. Though men seem to like white lingerie for some reason...

T Shirt Sexy

OK, I said I wouldn't show anything gel enhanced, but this bra looks like just the sort of thing that girls who want cleavage are generally thinking about.

Panache Atlantis Gel Filled Bra and Matching Boy Brief

I own a few Panache bras and they are really excellent in construction and fit. I can't imagine that this is false advertising, even though I don't want it to be said that I'm promoting padding. Oh, and I should mention that I don't think the bra fits the model very well. The underwire is riding too low. This is likely a case of wrong bra for the ribcage but it could be in the design. That's why you gotta try it at the store.

Outright Sexy

Let's tell it like it is: Agent Provocateur, which borders on fetish, has some of the hottest stuff out there. Behold...
Agent Provocateur Fifi Bra and Panties

Agent Provocateur Jodi Demi Bra and Mini Brief

And finally, how I love this!

Agent Provocateur Dascha Bra and Mini Brief

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Size Doesn't Matter

Recently, the gorgeous and erudite Sal and Hammie challenged me to help them find lingerie to accentuate their diminutive decollete. Actually Sal said: I challenge thee: Find me a fantastic, sexilicious bra with push-up and padded powers. My girls are ridiculous on their own, and there's no way I'm coming over to the fancy panty side until you prove to me that there is lacy lingerie for the lacking of boob.

Then Hammie followed with: I am about 75% more boobagely challenged than Sal. I could leave my water bra upstairs and come down and eat ice cream without Mr Hammie noticing I've gone.

Of course, what's a lingerie-pushing fashion blogger to do under these circumstances? How could I fail to take up this challenge?

For starters, I have to concede that I'm not a small-breasted woman. Y'all know that. And while I appreciate my busty shape, it's not always a champagne picnic being a girl with rather observable breasts. For one thing, it precludes me from wearing all kinds of super sexy tops and swimsuits and provactive costumes from Victoria's Secret. Whereas, my smaller sisters are all fire engine hot in demure ruffles and plunging V necks, I'm like something out of Hustler, August 1992.

And, really, there are so many gorgeous high-end lingerie lines (La Perla, Agent Provacateur, Stella McCartney) and still dozens more moderately priced brands (Elle McPherson, Huit, Princesse Tam Tam) that cater to women with small to moderate-sized breasts (so many more than cater to large breasts which really need rigging to present optimally). I'm frankly jealous of the options.

I mean, at her worst, the small breasted woman looks flat, maybe wan. Badly turned out, the large breasted woman looks, well, fat - nay, potentially pendulous. So let's put things in perspective: The grass really is always greener.

Having got this off my chest, I recognize that 99% of all women of all breast sizes are concerned to make them higher and rounder and fuller or more saucily shaped. We all want luscious tits. Yes? In fact, just this morning I was at a terrific brunch wherein two entirely gorgeous women of two entirely different breast sizes and shapes (but on the small to medium size) both advised they were thinking of having lifts. To each her own, of course. But if a good bra can do the trick, I say it's a very promising start.

Let me also mention that Sal is the first one to give us terrific tips on how to maximize confidence based on minimizing the focus on areas we'd prefer to de- (or re)-emphasize. Tips I appreciate tremendously! And in this vein, I really do believe that cleavage is one of the easiest body parts to play up.

Note I didn't say "big up". Because I actually don't think "bigging up" is the best exercise in dressing small breasts. All breasts are gorgeous. Sure, some are more Playboy than others, but no sexual partner who's lucky enough to see yours is anything other than thrilled at the prospect. I think the best way to address - and dress - the small breast is with beautiful shaping and matching tops and bottoms. Then you've got symmetry on your side - which is much more correlated with beauty than size.

I know that small breasts can be emphasized with water or silicone inserts, padding or by undoing convertible straps at the back and re-affixing them in a cross-over design. I don't know that I want to go there. If I had a tiny chest, not only would I be flaunting my assets behind see-through chiffon, I would be thrilled to be considered attractive on the basis of well-turned outness, size notwithstanding. Oh, don't get me wrong, my tits are large - and they're nice, so I've been told. But I'd be just as happy with less endowment.

One of the hottest women I know - and I know my fair share - casts a metropolis-sized sexpot glamour largely on the basis of her comfort-level with herself. Her tremendous confidence - that unshakable belief that she is hot incarnate - makes her so magnetic that she reaps confidence- inspiring feedback in spades. So it's a fabulous, sexy feedback loop she's got going. It's a strategy one really can't teach, much though I wish you could. Point is, her breasts - while lovely - are neither huge nor "perfect". But they are covetable nonetheless.

In my next post, I will show some beautiful, practical, sexy, saucy bras that my small-breasted alter-ego would love to own. I can't guarantee that they'll be designed to make those tits look large. Just to make them look lovely.

Friday, December 19, 2008

This Post is About Sex.

That's fair warning to my father, wouldn't you say?

Those who know me know that, in my universe, sex is a high priority item. This being a family blog, I don't dwell on it. But my head's in the smut 80% of the time. Which is only about 50% as often as my husband's. Alas for me (at least right now), sex is all too related to leisure. Sex and leisure are so entwined, in fact, I have to remind myself occasionally that -as a full-time professional with a child and few family support structures - leisure is, well, a leisure. But sex is a choice.

We live in an age of over-scheduling and under-nurturing. Am I wrong in assuming half of you have spent the last week hunched over books to finish pre-holiday assignments? Or parties with workmates you no doubt appreciate but would rather leave at the office? Or desperately struggling to find a pocket of time to go buy a tree and then decorate said tree whilst listening to music that you've also struggled to find time to purchase via iTunes? And then there's the shopping for a whole bunch of things that may or may not inspire you.

Are you tired?

You know the season: A time of joy. Of thankfulness. Of pretty snowflakes.

Of chaos. Of family. Of kitchens needing constant tending because everyone is eating, like, nonstop and the cleaning is endless. Of feeling sick after. Of maybe loathing everyone you come into contact with. Of little opportunity for true (or even crappy) intimacy with your significant other.

At any rate, in a moment when the economy sucks, tensions are high - but when vacation time may soon be at hand - I advise you give a gift that's absolutely free. And guaranteed to be as pleasant to receive :-)

Suggested Accoutrements:

Significant Other (0ptional but recommended)
Broom Closet (optional)
Fun Toys that your kids shouldn't play with (optional)
Booze (optional but recommended)
Groovy music (0ptional but recommended)
Gorgeous underwear that makes you feel terrific and fits perfectly (not optional)

The key is in managing a way to feel free, bad ass, unfettered. Even if it's for 10 minutes. Even if you have to ignore the whining children whom this sexy feeling has somewhat counter intuitively precipitated. Even if you need to hide in the likely suboptimal broom closet (see above).

And, since this is a fashion blog, let's remind you that it is to your full advantage to wear only the most gorgeous lingerie starting right now until, well, forever. Or until New Year's Day. At the risk of seeming glib and reductionist: you have to feel hot to be hot. And hot undies may well do the trick. (Ahem, cashmere and latex and fur and mesh are also good. But this is Sexmas 101. I don't want to shock you.)

I could go on at length, but the potential for horrifying, inappropriate over share is ever increasing.

Let me leave you with 3 sexy song suggestions to get the ball rolling (ha!):

1. Best Instance: Sex with someone new
Song: Neal and Jack and Me
By: King Crimson
On: Beat

This whole album rocks in the way that only tracks produced in 1982 can. And I assure you the driving rhythm will get you where you need to go :-)

2. Best Instance: Sex when relationship is on the out
Song: Silver Springs
By: Stevie Nicks
On: Crystal Visions

(Ah, the most bittersweet kind.) Part stalker-ode, part nod to the way that people fuck things up when they really should just be fucking. If you aren't completely roped in by Stevie's impassioned wails, you are a stone.

3. Best Instance: Sex with someone you don't intend to get rid of
Song: I've Been Thinking
By: Handsome Boy Modeling School / Sung by Cat Power
On: White People

I know, I too think Cat Power has the least sexy sound out there, but on this song you will be amazed. And with an awesome shuffle groove and lyrics like: Slide, slide, slippity slide, You can hip hop and don't stop, you're just gonna want to put this one on loop.

You could also go with either half of David Bowie's catalog - I'm partial to Young Americans and Suffragette City. Or maybe just turn on Groove Salad and see what the computer throws at you.

No harm in working the delicious complexity of unfettered desire. If you've got some time, I mean. The frisson of lust is a force to be reckoned with, after all; a joyful life and passion are encoiled.

(Um, have I just found a plausible correlation between sentience and good underwear??)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What You See, If You Look

Pretty snow scene, photographed on my walk to work:

They're predicting a white Christmas...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Grandeur

Beautiful Trees at the Ontario Legislature

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Colour Gets Me Every Time

Meet my new nylon mini-skirt with the industrial zipper and edgy seams:

You don't need a PhD in K-Line to guess that I got this at Club Monaco.

It was on sale from $130.00 to $69.00. And since the sizes were starting to disappear, I decided to purchase rather than wait and potentially be disappointed. I do have a feeling it may be marked down again over the next couple of weeks, which is why I'll be hanging onto the receipt.

I have had my eye on this cherry-red-meets-fuchsia-meets-orange mini for some time. It is a most unusual material for a skirt, which is lined and can be worn all seasons. I'm seeing it with hot pink tights, black boots and a black turtleneck. Or maybe with bright yellow - for a clash of the ages?

Gotta say, though, in case the photo doesn't make this clear: This thing is frickin' short.

Monday, December 15, 2008


As we move inexorably closer to Santa's visit, here's a look at our tree. Some crazy compulsion to get everything done by December 1, has given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look at it, even avec cadeaux, for 3 whole weeks. Gotta say, it's infinitely preferable to my regular model, wherein presents are frenetically wrapped at 11 pm on December 24 - and frenetically ripped open by 5 am on December 25.

Observe the handiwork:

Please notice the pretty and colour coordinated wrapping...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Animal Magnetism

If fur is not your thing, then best to skip this post...

On Friday, I went back to Club Monaco (that sale of sales is being sporadically reintroduced and the prices are so crazily good I have been on the hunt). More to come on that soon...

But speaking of being on the hunt: While "not looking", I found this tremendously, fantastically, unbelievably sexy fur vest at Rudsak.

I won't lie, I've had my eye on it for a while. Like in a "there is no way I will buy this decadent thing but I bet it would look great on" kind of way. But when the price went down by 30% - and everything but XS had sold - I decided it was time to pounce, or lose. Having recently passed on a full length, perfectly fitting vintage mink - in mint condition - because I didn't feel like paying a totally reasonable $150.00, I really didn't feel like this one should get away.

(OK, enough with the animal puns...)

Within 5 minutes I thought of 16 ways to wear this with everything, turning it into the most practical garment in my closet. Did I mention it makes me feel like Stevie Nicks in the good days? Or that people everywhere have been asking me to try it on? Or that it's blissfully warm - and slim - under everything?

I haven't made such a thrilling purchase in a long time. I can tell this thing will long outlast the "fur vest" trend for me.

Amusingly, the SA advised with the slightest undertone of pinch - when I commented I was surprised (frankly) that fur had sold so well in Rudsak's demography - that apparently "Americans have been buying them". Hilarious. I mean, if he'd said that Russians or Scandinavians or, hell, residents of northern Quebec were snapping them up - well, that would seem plausible. But now I have this vision of hoards of chilly, chic Americans at customs explaining to the guards that they've been visiting to cash in on the great fur vest deal happening in TO this week. There's nothing like openly judging your client base for wearing merch you sell. Especially if it allows you to get out a bit of cross-cultural prejudice!

Friday, December 12, 2008


And by unbelievable, I mean embarassing.

So, there's this cafe I go to in the mornings to get my cappuccino. I won't lie, I am ever so slightly motivated not only by the excellent coffee made by the lovely woman with the best hair ever, but by the gorgeous and dapper owner of the place, Francis.

Francis - whose name I didn't actually know until this morning - is always so perfectly styled. So individual. So fodder for Scott Schuman. And his smile is pure excellence. It brings out more than just a few, ahem, unclean thoughts.

Whatever. I'm married, not dead.

Today, for the first time, I get up the nerve to say to him - blather-like - Um, so sorry to bother you at work but, um, my name is Kristin and I write this fashion blog and I think you always look so fabulous. I mean, you are fabulous. I mean your clothes are fabulous and you wear them so well and your smile - I love your smile with that cap you're wearing. Um, can I take your picture for my blog.

Actually, I wasn't this articulate, but you get the vibe.

The only problem is that I forgot my camera phone this morning. I never forget the phone. Ever. Not because of the phone feature but because of the camera. And I fucking forgot it.

Digging through your bag like a nut while trying to look cool after inarticulately complimenting a sexy guy and asking to take his picture is, well, like some subplot on 30 Rock.

Perhaps the only thing that could have made it more uncomfortable was me following it up with: "Honestly, I'm so not trying to pick you up. See, I'm married!" Then holding up my left hand and realizing I'd also forgot my wedding ring...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Trees

Mini Tree - Daycare

Meet our latest tree...

Last week, my daughter's daycare did it's Xmas fundraiser aka Evening of Savage Children Running and Screaming Mercilessly for Two Hours under Unflattering Fluorescent Lights.

(Note to Reader: I love so many elements of the alternative philosophy with which my child is being educated: eco-consciousness and sustainability, political awareness, learning at one's own pace - but the functions are a torment. It's like Lord of the Flies meets Gremlins with some veggie food. And I must clarify: I love and respect the parent crowd. It's just the scene I can't stand.)

Having disclaimed, I should mention that my daughter enjoyed herself immensely, and bounced up to me at the end of the event to advise that she was the "lucky winner" of her daycare class Xmas tree.

The tree, fyi, is a delightful mini spruce. It was decorated with sewn felt child creations in a lovely pot. It can even be replanted in our garden come spring.
The mini-hitch is that my daughter didn't so much win the tree as buy it on our behalf via an unwitting silent auction "showdown" with a class mom.

Note to parents: It's a good idea to teach your kid about silent auctions before unleashing him or her at one unsupervised.

Somehow, we managed to transport this 40-pound prize a mile in the freezing rain without a car. All the credit goes to my spouse, spatial-reasoner extraordinaire, who actually managed to fit it into his bicycle pannier with uncanny skill. And to my daughter who ran behind him collecting stray ornaments that fell off in transport.

New tree now lives peacefully in M's room, like a pet, languid in front of the picture window, absorbing rays, waiting for springtime and a chance to blossom. Nice life if you can get it. Huh?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anything Goes

Some things I've been meaning to say:

  • The President's Choice salty caramels are as awesome as I feared they would be. Do yourself a favour and avoid them. Or just buy them, eat the box and get it over with.

  • I haven't forgotten this is a fashion blog, despite the proliferation of art, design, food and political posts. The hols just seem more about pretty interiors than clothes I can't wear because the weather is so wretched. Fear not, I will return to my first love as the season abates. (Or sooner if I'm inspired...)

  • Work and life are hitting a bit hard right now, and precluding me from doing carefully thought out pre-posts, so I've decided to think of December as "Whatever The Eff I Come Up With" Theme Month. Now that's catchy!

  • Daily Outfitting, a really appealing blog, has got me coveting this:

Miss Mars, $48.00

Did I mention it costs $48.00?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yet Another Thing I Love...

Let's bring it back from the edge, shall we?

Nutiva chocolate protein superfood is, well, protein-laden, super and chocolate. The mix contains ramon nuts (not sure if these are from a tree so allergy sufferers beware), which lends it a kind of coffee mocha flavour. And lots of ballast to both fill you up and keep you satisfied.

My suggestion: Have a glass of 3 tablespoons powder mixed with a cup of skim milk before you go out to party. It may just keep you from the bacon wrapped breaded fried cheese.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Step to It

Why on earth isn't every staircase in the land built with shelving?

I mean, it's not rocket science - but it would change the lives of all the people in 15-feet-wide century homes.
Your thoughts?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Autochrome Magic

Charles Corbet, Melancolia - 1910

This is really not the kind of thing I imagined would interest me overly. People of the Victorian era don't call to me figuratively (or actually - I'm happy to say!). And yet, on going to this photo archive of three Belgian early colour photo experimenters, I was positively carried away. Never mind that these old pics are in colour - which lends them a modern resonance I couldn't have imagined. But they are beautifully composed. Like next-wave Impressionism.

Thanks to Sally Jane for posting on this topic.

Even if this isn't your thing you should give it 3 minutes. And if you're not sucked in, I'd really like to know about it.

PS: You must enlarge this photo for full satisfaction.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Need Therapy!

Brad Ford's design blog, which I've recently discovered, absolutely delights me! It's all so elegant, neutral, contemporary, modern, clean deliciousness.

So, whacha think of this tree?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


As y'all know, I like to think of this little blog as a politically aware but non-partisan fashion forum :-)

Having said this, it occurs to me that 90% of my lovely readers may be in the dark about Canada's current and most contentious political crisis well, maybe ever. It seems it's not so on the global radar screen - or airwaves or newspapers or anywhere.

It's being called the Coalition Crisis and, in true Canadian spirit, it's fairly polite for um, a crisis.

Here's an informative article to apprise you of the rather complicated situation. It happens to be written by former co-worker and bigtime political blogger, Michael Stickings.

PS: As of 10 minutes ago, the Governor General prorogued Parliament for the next 7 weeks...

New Year's Eve Wear

Most NYEs, we have our great friends Steen and Nicole over for some fondue and debauchery. It's very enjoyable and quite casual. And it obviates the need for a sitter. Which as you know can bankrupt you on New Year's Eve.

Mind you, were I the kind of girl who went to fancy champagne parties, this is most certainly what I'd wear:

The tuxedo top of this dress is silk, the skirt portion (to which it is attached) is wool.

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted some lovely image from the web, well, La Belette called it when she said that Club Monaco represents itself wretchedly online. Truth is, I couldn't find an online photo. I had to go to the actual store, whip out my cell phone, and shoot this for y'all.

Which, btw, they didn't like. As if I cared.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thing I'm Destined to Love

Just cuz I've been disappointed in the past, doesn't mean I can't move forward with a clean slate. Once I've bitched, of course.

And, in truth, for every bad President's Choice product, I've tasted 15 excellent ones.

Imagine my glee on discovering (thanks to Ms. Espanya) these dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt! That's salty, caramel, chocolate goodness. Nature's perfect taste combo.

Please forward the cause by visiting Tanya's site and begging her to give away a free box to the most compelling candidate. And if you can't convince her, you may be able to convince me :-)

Thanks, Tanya, for cutting at the last shreds of my healthy holiday lifestyle plan...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here are a couple of photos of my fave work lunch spot. It's a bistro, quel surprise. It serves the best quiche in the city - made with crumbly buttery crust and lots of cream (as it should be). And you can choose between a lovely, huge salad on the side or frites - or both. I get the salad so that I can feel virtuous!

Last time I was in, reading a magazine to clear my head of work matters, the proprietor brought me an unexpected chocolat chaud, just because I am sweet (says he)! Talk about a high tip quotient :-) I love the French.

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Tree or Not to Tree?

Growing up, we always had a lovely tree. My mother, then an interior designer, knew how best to find the perfect scale and the perfect spruce, which we would chop down in some excellent smelling tree farm up north and then trim up in the most elegant way. In our home, fluffy needles were styled with white pin lights, popcorn strings, heirloom ornaments, a beautiful skirt which was, let's face it, obscured by the most fantastically and matchingly wrapped gifts.

Contrast this to my husband's childhood memory: articficial tree with ever-blinking rainbow-coloured lights, multicoloured tinsel, garland, cello wrapped candy-canes and terrific, if eclectically wrapped, presents.

I know it sounds like I'm judging. (Secretly, that's cuz I am.) And while I realize this hints at my bratty unwillingness to accept all the many ways to enjoy a Christmas tree, I think we should blame my mother for instilling me with such a strong sense of how things are supposed to look.

Dontcha love how I've managed to ding everyone for my own intransigence?

So, natch, being long-married and tired of fighting, Scott and I have worked out a kind of compromise on the tree front:
  • It is fake (to save the trees from needless death) but
  • It is bushy and 9 feet tall but
  • It may have green lights but
  • They will not flicker but
  • There is garland but
  • No tinsel
  • And the presents will be wrapped in complementary paper and ribbon
  • Until that runs out whereupon S will use whatever he can find but
  • Those equally loved presents will go to the back of the tree behind the matchy ones.

Now you see why we try to go away at Xmas - whereupon there is only harmony in our family.

My question for y'all is, do you have a tree? If yes, how does it work (real, fake, mini, grand)? Is the tree an extension of your fashion philosophy? I'm so intrigued to know...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Lady

I took this at the AGO opening. It's part of the permanent exhibit. Do you know that the Art Gallery of Ontario has the largest public collection of Henry Moore sculpture anywhere in the world? I've been looking at it all for 30 years now and I never tire of this piece.

It encapsulates the steely strength and elegant grace which coexist in so many women.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mega Sale Alert

Club Monaco is having the sickest sale ever today and tomorrow. Most everything in the store is 30% off (except the 20 things that just arrived on Thursday) and everything that's already on sale is another 30% off.

So you know that cashmere scarf I paid $100.00 a month ago? It was $40.00 today. Natch, I bought 2 - one for my mother or father (unisex) and one for Scott. Oh, and they wrapped for free. Very classily.

It was such an awesome, adrenaline pumping sale - and I'm almost afraid to tell you this - I ended up buying Scott's Xmas presents for me (well a couple of them anyway). I figured, there they were and by the time he gets around to buying them they could be a) gone or b) back at full or not as deeply discounted price. Of course, I can't say anything about them now because they're gifts I haven't received yet.  But I will say I saved him $120.00 before tax.

Oh, and BTW, I'm finished the Xmas shopping altogether. Tout finit. I have to stay out of the stores now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

...Unless you love shopping and you have no impulse control.

Then it's the most dangerous time of the year.

Yes, I know, I'm breaking my own Xmas shopping rules left, right and centre. I'm a bad role model. But I have some cool stuff.

While sourcing some great loot for great friends, I discovered - and yes, purchased - this:

The piece, by Polli is actually much more delicate and lovely than this photo suggests. The chain, in particular, is much better... Each stainless steel pendant is thinner than a credit card but strangely tough. This one lies very nicely against my chest without calling too much attention to either itself or to my tits (except Hilary disagrees, she wants you to know, that it doesn't call attention). And yet it's substantial. I love its nod to the natural world, though it's constructed from a very industrial product.

Polli, which I had never heard of until a couple of weeks ago, is an Australian company comprised of two Sydney-trained industrial designers who bring sustainability and a Danish-meets-Japanese sensibility to their rather broad-ranging collection. Can the Aussies do nothing wrong?!?! One of my absolute fave TO stores bar-none, the chameleonic design stuff-meets-everything else Ziggy's at Home, sells a number of these pendants and earrings at rather reasonable prices. And Polli's website also provides a well-organized online shop.

Maybe one of the women in your life needs a little bauble over the holidays? Maybe you do?

I keep telling myself I'm going to give it to someone who's been really good...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the Bag

Meet my latest "lunchtime Xmas Shopping, theoretically for others" purchase for myself:

Zara Sac with Chain Handle, $49.00

It's made of fake cow-hide but I can tell it will be one of those faux skin bags that lasts in spite of my torture. And it's got a wonderful way of being small until you start filling it up. At which point it seems to hold umbrellas, magazines, kid mittens and one's lunch (not that I ever bring mine to work).

And did I mention that I adore the light grey colour. And the chain. So "rock star on her day off, wandering the streets of Paris, smoking Gauloises and eating pastries".

The most fun part, other than that I own it and love it, is that I discovered it (the only one in the store) in the hands of another woman who was carting it around, putting it up against other merch, looking for a match.

With steely intent, I willed her to put it down. And 2 minutes later I succeeded.

Waiting the appropriate 5 second grace period (ya know, for second thoughts), I swooped in around her and grabbed it with contortionist precision. I mean, the woman gasped audibly.

Alas, her time was done. And I ran off to the cash with nary a look behind me. (Does this make me coldblooded?)