Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yet Another Thing I Love...

Let's bring it back from the edge, shall we?

Nutiva chocolate protein superfood is, well, protein-laden, super and chocolate. The mix contains ramon nuts (not sure if these are from a tree so allergy sufferers beware), which lends it a kind of coffee mocha flavour. And lots of ballast to both fill you up and keep you satisfied.

My suggestion: Have a glass of 3 tablespoons powder mixed with a cup of skim milk before you go out to party. It may just keep you from the bacon wrapped breaded fried cheese.



  1. There is nothing that can keep me from the bacon wrapped breaded fried cheese.


  2. Ditto. But nice try.

  3. I have never tried such a thing, but it sounds yummy!

  4. The breaded fried cheese bacon thing will be in my dreams tonight, the Hempshake I'm afraid is the stuff of nightmares!

  5. Sounds a great idea, specialy to me that being a vegetarian I always have troubles in parties to eat something.


  6. D. I can tell it's lost on you :-)

    Sal: If they sold it at the Buxx you'd be getting it 3x a week :-)

    Andrea: The bacon wrap or the raw food powder :-)

    Skye: To each her own but I promise, the hemp shake is actually delish. I wouldn't recommend it if it sucked. Swear.

    Seeker: It's a great protein option for a vegetarian! Comes in different flavours but this is the only one I like.

    E: It is a great idea. And it actually tastes very good.

    Rebecca: Yes! (see above)

    GT: Don't knock it till you've tried it. Though I realize the packaging doesn't scream "You're going to love me." It's good - really good.

  7. Yum, never heard of it though, i don't think i'd be able to get it here :(

  8. Hemp drink? Hmmm.. The words "a kind of coffee mocha flavour" makes me nervous. It is "a kind of" that did it. But, if you say it is good I believe you.

  9. Does Hemp mean sumet different in Canadian? Cos the idea of drinking a ropey choc flavored protein shake has me gaging :)

  10. Jenn: I think you can order it online, fyi...

    Bel: Damn it. I didn't mean for it to sound all fake and questionable. It really is good. And real tasting!

    Mattie: No, I think it's the same as in Aus. And you're making it sound revolting. Now I don't know if I can ever try it again. I'm going to shake this image. Somehow.

  11. It's organic? That sounds rather strange. Organic mix. LOL

  12. It's like a whole bunch of natural granola-y things thrown together and ground up. Funny, but true! :-)