Monday, December 22, 2008

Cue Cleavage

When's the last time you saw a fashion model with tits? I don't mean big tits - I mean any tits. And don't hand me those Vic Secret ladies because they don't count. PS: In truth, their breasts aren't particularly large, in the scheme of things and, face it, they are genetic flukes. Not that I'm jealous.

So my previous post introduced the myth of breast size as an asset. The reality is - and image consultants will charge a lot of money for this little life-changing fact - that symmetry and proportion are everything. Most skinny girls with big tits are either artificially skinny or artificially endowed. And it does look unnatural - even if, in rare instances, it's is entirely natural for the woman in question. Likewise, women with full abdomens or straight waists who have very tiny breasts can look disproportionate.

Most women have one breast that's larger than the other. Statistically it's the left breast that's more likely to be larger. No mind. I know that this can be very distressing and (more to the point) technically challenging for some - especially if the disparity in size is more than half a cup. But a good bra can manage all these niggling challenges: reining in, lifting up, shaping, evening out etc.

This post is specifically for my friends Sal and Hammie, who asked me to focus on lingerie for the very small busted woman. In my books that's someone who tops out at a 34B. FYI, many women wearing a 34B are really a 32D so they don't count. Point is, don't assume your breasts are actually the size you think they are until you get professionally fitted.

Brief Sidebar: For the record, I think small to moderate breasts are between a 30-34 B - D. In my books, you don't have large breasts till you are in the DD and up. And keep in mind, a 30DD is the same cup size as a 36C. Back size influences cup size quite dramatically. So when you wear a 36 back to fit into a C cup when you are really a DD cup with a 30 back your breasts look saggy, pendulous, unsupported and crappy. Just like when you wear an A cup and you try to fit into a small B because that's all that's available in the style you like - or because your back size is very small but the store only sells a 34 and up you end up swimming in the cups - it's gonna look meh.

Where's this going? Tiny breasts need the same attention as large ones in a world that only caters to the (ever diminishing numbers of) moderates. Often small breasted women have small backs or special needs and a lingerie store that understands this is the place you want to be. It may cost a lot of money to dress your breasts to their best advantage, but trust me it's life changingly, confidence inspringly worth it.

Figleaves is a great place to look for things you like, but you should only buy from a retailer that can fit you in those bras to ensure that they are right for the shape of your breasts. Asymmetric breasts need a less flexible cup. Small pointy breasts have different needs than flat ones.

And please, please, please listen up: This isn't the post to find you frillies for less. I'm all about spending on the important stuff - and stuff that makes your tits look great is right up there. Once you find that tremendous bra, get the matching bottoms! Do you have any idea how hot you're going to look in a matching set? No? Then try it on! The illusion of symmetry produced by matching top and bottom is worth its weight in gold. If you get bottoms to suit the shape of your ass and lower abdomen, coupled with that perfect bra, you will be a sexpot vision.

On with the show...

Demure Every Day Set

Fleur T Orchid Lace Cup Balcony Bra and Panties (Below)

OK, I love the wide-set strap. And I am very partial to a balconette. I love how delicate a strap can be on a girl with small breasts! The underwire will give lift and a nice plumpness in the upper breast. It's not tremendous in producing cleavage, but it's demurely sexy. And the undies, while not my regular style, are not super low or high cut.

Fleur T is a brand I'd never heard of till I started searching for A and B cup bras. I discovered it on this interesting site: AA Lingerie.

Sexy Every Day

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Seduction Bra and Brazilian Brief

I desperately searched for this in black and here's the best I could do:
I've seen it in the CK store in black and it's smoldering! I hate white undies - they show through clothing, they tend to bring out the pallor in women. So I'd never advise shelling out the bucks on white. Though men seem to like white lingerie for some reason...

T Shirt Sexy

OK, I said I wouldn't show anything gel enhanced, but this bra looks like just the sort of thing that girls who want cleavage are generally thinking about.

Panache Atlantis Gel Filled Bra and Matching Boy Brief

I own a few Panache bras and they are really excellent in construction and fit. I can't imagine that this is false advertising, even though I don't want it to be said that I'm promoting padding. Oh, and I should mention that I don't think the bra fits the model very well. The underwire is riding too low. This is likely a case of wrong bra for the ribcage but it could be in the design. That's why you gotta try it at the store.

Outright Sexy

Let's tell it like it is: Agent Provocateur, which borders on fetish, has some of the hottest stuff out there. Behold...
Agent Provocateur Fifi Bra and Panties

Agent Provocateur Jodi Demi Bra and Mini Brief

And finally, how I love this!

Agent Provocateur Dascha Bra and Mini Brief


  1. "Tiny breasts need the same attention as large ones ... "

    < gasp >

    (the agent provocateur products gave me some great xmas gift ideas. thanks)

  2. Honestly, one of my New Years resolutions is to only wear matching sets. I have never done this. I have always been a blindly grab a bra and undie from the overstuffed lingerie drawer. No more, this year there will be sets!!

  3. GORGEOUS. Natch, I'm drawn to the Agent P sets ... I'll have to chat with Husband Mike and see what his finances are like!

    I completely agree about matching sets, and never go a day without them. My bras are nearly all boring t-shirt bras and nearly all Sal-colored and embellishment-free ... but I match them to my thongs, dangit! And it makes me feel prettier, more pulled-together, and more grown-up. Even if no one sees them.

    Thanks for this, K. You're the rockin'est lingerie lover ever.

  4. This is a good excuse for me to tell you that I found out my friend's teenage sons call me "mom's friend with the boobs and lipstick." What can I say, my girls like the open air.

  5. So strange that you've posted about this today, because I've been thinking about this a lot lately since browsing observation mode's archives and reading a post about slender women with small breats. It was posted over a year ago, but I commented anyway:

    So yeah, I do think that a lot of stigma is attached to bra sizes and the different combinations, and the main reason is probably that women always have a tendency to feel that the 'grass is always greener on the other side'. SO here I am, all miserable about my 30E's because it's impossible to spend less than £25 on a decent bra...

    'Something does bug me about this whole 'in proportion' thing, because who's to say what's in proportion? There aren't many people around who fit perfectly into the ideal proportions and unless you literally cannot stand up due to your proportions (a la Barbie) then that's fine.

    Personally, I am on the 'slender' side, wearing a UK size 10. But I also have a larger sized rack - and yes that does fall into the letters you specified ;). I wouldn't say I was 'blessed' with it because a lot of the time, I hate that and the way I can't wear empire line tops and the premature sagging and stretchmarks.

    But I wouldn't say I was 'cursed' either because I always try to remember that these are my own proportions and they're a reminder of the prominent maternal line running in my family, and my bodily functions as a women..

    Obviously I got quite fired up by this issue, considering your post is almost a year old, but I really do feel that we need to try and accept every different body shape as right to help people feel better about their own and NOT have to resort to getting 'faked-up'.

    Anyway, tangent over. Those are very lovely bras!

  6. Wow! I am so flattered to be considered.
    You really know your stuff K, and I agree, the black gel bra has a weird fit at the bottom. I do get a good fitting when I buy bra's as my back is super small, and my cup size is more egg cup or Cuvee Dom Perignon glass sized as I prefer to think of 'em.

    I went to a lingerie store and spent up big on a chantelle strapless for the Masked ball and they fitted me with a b cup with chicken fillets to pop in. The bra has optional straps but I find it more comfortable strapless! Really is a lovely fit, even without the fillets. It was a treat to have lovely new things now that I have a job. (I never bought 2nd hand bras, I just wore the same three for 2 years)

    But I will be looking out for the A.P. bra and knickers. I NEVER buy good knickers, I like em big and black and cotton - neckies we call them (as they go up to your neck) or else the wolford spanx ones.

    Mr H doesnt actually mind the look of wolford spanx and the chantelle bra - looks a bit like Madonna in Vogue?

    Thankyou for the post!!

  7. I was kind of hoping for a shot of your cleavage, but I guess decorum prevents it. Ah well, your husband is a lucky man to have such a hot enlightened wife such as you.

  8. Thank you K for this so informative post!!!
    And gorgeous sexy sets you've chose.
    Hmmm.... maybe I should do my measures again....


  9. This post has special meaning for me. I'm always having trouble finding a home for my girls. Thanks for taking the trouble to research the subject for me.


  10. This is a great post! I've been really enjoying the sex/lingeris/boobs posts of the last few days.

    Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas, as I won't be on the internet so much for the next couple of days (I think). Hope you have a lovely day! It has been great getting to know you through your blog this year. :)

    Lots of love

    Andrea xxx

  11. Hey - we image consultants don't charge that much! We aim to save you money for the rest of your life by no longer buying clothes that don't suit you... it's called and investment!

    Anyway - I think the upside of the smaller breasted woman, is she can add the chicken fillets, or take them away and happily go jogging without fear of black eyes or any more unnecessary sagging! Plus the bras are so much smaller and prettier (like kids clothes are so much cuter and prettier).

    I tend not to match sets, but match my underwear to my clothes - so if I'm wearing a dark bottom I'll wear black unders, and a white top, then a nude bra - as a black bra peeping through a white shirt in most instances is just plain tacky. Also, I like my clothes to be the focus not the lace on my bra, so I tend to opt for the smoother type that is less obvious, unless it is a special occassion.

    Interesitingly my husband doesn't like lace, but prefers the plain and more t-shirt type stuff - he thinks it's more girl next door sexy, rather than the overt sexy of lace.

  12. Hey K-Line.. still on Vay Cay and read your post... I could not keep away from your blog, and here I am typing on my keyboard...

    Size... (the above post) I think if this is right "just size"! or SIZED TO FIT! haha

    On with the boobies... I am a 34 F and I have to honestly say, only occasionally I find them sex and feeling rather cheeky but on most days.. "THEY" (those things below my neck- let's hope when I get to the age of ... being a granny, I won't have to cart them around in a wheelbarrow when I walk) get in the WAY..


    I wanted to stop by and wish you the best this Holiday.. thinking of you..."wink"! check this out.. the code I have to type in to comment..

    Drum ROLL... "Heaveru" I started to laugh at heave....

  13. I meant sexy.. haha

  14. Update: I showed this post to Mr H last night and pointed out the A.P.

    He was gone for quite a long time this evening about 2 hours (which is even longer in manshopping years) Fingers crossed!

  15. i heart agent provocateur..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  16. D. If I can be in any way responsible for any woman getting gorgeous lingerie, I'm in!

    Bel: It's life changing. For real.

    Sal: If HM gets you something fab, please do let me know!! I have nothing but confidence in him.

    Wendy: Why doesn't this surprise me? :-)

    Pretty Face: You know, 30E seems to be a very popular size! Just to clarify - and I appreciate what you're saying about proportion being in the eye of the beholder - I am apparently biased in believing that there's a breast "golden rectangle". That doesn't mean that 15 different shapes can't be equally appealing to me, but each of them will share a commonality of a lifted, curvy silhouette. I believe this is totally attainable for 99% of women, large breasts or small, with the appropriate underwear. But I'm not suggesting that my view of proportion has any particular relevance. And I hear you on the cost of lingerie. I often spend 200 bucks a set.

    Hammie: Champagne glass tits sound fantastic!! I am so hoping Mr. H pulls out an AP Xmas miracle.

    Dr. M: You know, I tell him that all the time! Seriously, you are so sweet to me. Blushing. All the way to my curvy decollete :-)

    Seeker: You would be great in these. Suits your sassy personality!

    E: My pleasure, as you know!

    Andrea: You too have a great vacay and I can't wait to read what you've been up to when you return. Kxo

    Imogen: I knew you would have something to say about that line! :-) You are so right about the jogging, sistah! My husband doesn't much go in for lace either. Why do they all like "sporty" crap??

    GJ: What a compliment that I've roped you in on hols! I love that. And, apparently, 34F is the most popular breast size out there right now. I was shocked to read this, but apparently it's true. That number sounds more extreme than it is. Thank God we have good lingerie to support the big as well as little boobs!

    LJ: Thanks for your comment. I heartily agree!

  17. Oh this post made me 'hot'. Feeling pretty sexy. :)

    I loved Wendy's comment. :)

    I should look for that CK number. I haven't got anything lacey...

  18. I LOVE gel bras! They are wonderful, AND you can even jiggle with them, like real boobs! The first time I bought one, I invited everyone to poke my boobs to see how real they felt.

  19. Songy: That Wendy will upstage us all! :-) Definitely make 09 the year of lace...

    Sister: Never having worn a gel bra, I only have my prejudice to go on. Thanks for providing the alternate perspective!