Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Year's Eve Wear

Most NYEs, we have our great friends Steen and Nicole over for some fondue and debauchery. It's very enjoyable and quite casual. And it obviates the need for a sitter. Which as you know can bankrupt you on New Year's Eve.

Mind you, were I the kind of girl who went to fancy champagne parties, this is most certainly what I'd wear:

The tuxedo top of this dress is silk, the skirt portion (to which it is attached) is wool.

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted some lovely image from the web, well, La Belette called it when she said that Club Monaco represents itself wretchedly online. Truth is, I couldn't find an online photo. I had to go to the actual store, whip out my cell phone, and shoot this for y'all.

Which, btw, they didn't like. As if I cared.


  1. I think, K.line, we need to make it our personal mission to talk Club Monaco into getting a decent website. Seriously, if they did I would buy from them a lot more. They might even eclipse my Jcrew love.
    Speaking of love, I love that dress.:-)

  2. Don't those dorks realize you're their biggest fan? AND giving them great press?

  3. I used to like their stuff but when I went into a store last month, I was kind of disappointed by the quality.

  4. I find it strange that the store doesn't promote itself effectively on the Web, and then frowns upon people who want to take pictures of the clothes.

    [scratches head]

    It's a great dress for you. I'd love to see you try it on in the dressing room and sneak some photos of how you look in it. That'd fix their wagon.

  5. I just know I love that dress!!


  6. It always surprises me when cool stores don't have great websites. Zara is the same way.

  7. Bel: The dress is far more spectacular in person! And CM has to improve its web presence. We have to work on that!

    Sal: I'm still wondering why I don't have little care packages waiting on my doorstep :-)

    Wendy: Not pleased to hear that. I, as you know, am in there monthly. And I haven't observed that but I'm going to keep my eye on it.

    E: I'm going to try to do that but you know how crowded the shops are right now. I'm almost afraid to visit until after the hols...

    Thanks Seeker!

    Janet: I know - Zara's site sucks! I really don't get it.

  8. I think you could totally wear that dress for fondue at home, in fact I think you need to!

  9. Skye: If it were you finding this dress it would cost 5 bucks at some amazing lawn sale :-) Alas, my skills are less honed. It's almost 200 bucks. It's gotta go on sale before I even consider it. Like mega sale!