Monday, December 15, 2008


As we move inexorably closer to Santa's visit, here's a look at our tree. Some crazy compulsion to get everything done by December 1, has given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look at it, even avec cadeaux, for 3 whole weeks. Gotta say, it's infinitely preferable to my regular model, wherein presents are frenetically wrapped at 11 pm on December 24 - and frenetically ripped open by 5 am on December 25.

Observe the handiwork:

Please notice the pretty and colour coordinated wrapping...


  1. Nice tree.

    I took a shot of our tree with a low ISO and got this neat effect with the depth of field where some of the ornaments look like they are on the surface of the photo and larger than life.

    One of my (late) friends was a nut about coordinating his paper. so much that he would re-wrap gifts form friends (me) that did not fit the official pallet. He was a hair dresser and I have yet to find anyone who could cut my hair as well as he.

  2. Impressive, lady! ESPECIALLY the color coordinated wrapping.

  3. Your tree is beautiful!!I love it when people coordinate the tree colours with the wrapping paper.

    I once, in an uncharacteristic Martha year, made hand painted gift wrapping paper and ornaments to match. When some of my in-laws tore the paper up like I had bought it at Costco I decided that I would never do that again.

  4. OMG Lovely tree (You're really trying and maybe sucssiding to infect me... )

    Thank you my dear for your comment about La Mimi FIW, your're kind with me.


  5. so beautiful. & impressive too!
    La C.

  6. A designer friend always said, it's not the gift but it's wrapping that counts. Her's are always wrapped with the most exquisite papers, bowes and ribbons - everything co-ordinated and fiddled with and the card written out in lovely italic handwriting. That's what your gifts remind me of.

  7. Yay.. oh the the exquisite papers... exactly my sentiment.. where did you find cherry blossom paper.. beautiful! Thank you for sharing your tree with us.... I am such a "betty" when it comes to the holidays.. that I have a tree up before "Thanks" day... dorky me..

  8. oh it's beautiful and you have the perfect window for it!!! Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful tree and i love your colour co-ordination :)

  10. D.: How wonderful that you remember your friend as a great stylist. I'm sure he'd love that! Post your tree photo.

    Sal and Andrea: Why, thank you!

    Bel: Whyd doesn't it surprise me that you would have undertaken that kind of creative pursuit. But the unwrapping must have been brutal!

    Seeker: You wait, by next week you'll be so enthusiastic you be like Santa himself :-)

    Thanks LaC!

    Monkey: I was thinking of Tofurkey :-) (Or booze?)

    GT: What a lovely thing to say! Thank you.

    GJ: Why doesn't it surprise me that you noticed the cherry blossoms? Aren't they gorgeous??

    Maegan: Thank you. I'm loving your tree too, fyi...

    Thanks Jenn!

  11. I knew it would look perfect. I KNEW it!

  12. I feel so guilty now. I haven't done a tree this year. I barely managed to wrap gifts today. Very lame..

    I did clean out the entire house today tho.. so I'm pretty proud of myself.

    That tree IS impressive. Gift wrapping.. I might need a lesson or two from you.

  13. Oh yay! So pretty - I love your tree!

  14. Janet: Given your decorating savvy, this is great praise!

    E: You know the whole saga so the fact that you think it is perfect is, well, perfect!

    Songy: Cleaning the whole house is a very worthy undertaking. Now it is ready for a Songy-style tree. I know your wrapping will be gorgeous.

    Thanks Diana!