Thursday, December 4, 2008


As y'all know, I like to think of this little blog as a politically aware but non-partisan fashion forum :-)

Having said this, it occurs to me that 90% of my lovely readers may be in the dark about Canada's current and most contentious political crisis well, maybe ever. It seems it's not so on the global radar screen - or airwaves or newspapers or anywhere.

It's being called the Coalition Crisis and, in true Canadian spirit, it's fairly polite for um, a crisis.

Here's an informative article to apprise you of the rather complicated situation. It happens to be written by former co-worker and bigtime political blogger, Michael Stickings.

PS: As of 10 minutes ago, the Governor General prorogued Parliament for the next 7 weeks...


  1. If my brain weren't full of chocolate caramel and sea salt, I might be paying attention to the, wait...I still wouldn't... (I know, I know...I'm simple, it just seems like so much work to read the news...) :)

  2. It seems that for the first time in a long while, Canadians might actually be caring abiout Canadian politics. Then again, I could be (and probably am) wrong.

    (AHH! This page is glitching, I hope this doesn't become some crazy triple post)

  3. Wow, hadn't even heard about it on the news, I guess your not america (silly america, thinking its all important!!).

  4. I am ashamed how little I know about Canada's politics. I am off to read and I hope to lessen my Americentricity.

  5. It's a sign of a happy, stable, complacent country when you don't have to pay attention to politics.
    But when arts funding is cut, women's right to pay equity are suspended, workers rights are cut, opposition parties go bankrupt, and people lose their livlihoods ....

    people will pay attention to politics

    This government wants all of these things to happen and will suspend parliament in the midst of global economic crisis in order to make these things happen.

  6. Unfortunatly the information I have from TO is that it's a big crisis.
    Sister works at a Banck and knows how financial crisis is going.
    I hope economic crisis will not be very tough.


  7. I hope that the libs and dems can hold it together, but it looks like Harper might hold on.

    I liked your friend's summary: "Basically, she has saved Harper's sorry bacon, evidently putting his interests before the interests of the country."

    Canadian bacon, no doubt!


  8. I hadn't heard anything about this on our news, so thank you for the heads up. Very interesting.

  9. Tanya: I've eaten half a box today. Not regretting. Yet.

    Jill: I hope they care. It's time.

    Jenn: It's hard to keep up with everything everywhere :-)

    E: Let me know what you think...

    Bel: We tend to keep a low profile here. So it's hard to get the info on your side of the border.

    GT: I'm so torn on this one - on the one hand appalled at the conservative drive to forward its own agenda. On the other hand, that coalition seems rinky-dink. Did you see Dion's "homemade" movie of a comeback to Harper's national address?

    Seeker: Me too. Enough of this hardship and fear for everyone.

    D.: It's like some exciting miniseries, non? Except the stakes are regrettably impactful. Man, I hate that word!

    Andrea: You're welcome!

  10. I get a little confused because in Aus a Liberal is a conservative but over the years I've gotten the hang of it. That your GG has prorogued Parliament - now that's some serious shit.

    I understand why they've banded together and it's a smart move to use the the economy against the sitting government. From what I've read, world over, conservative governments has been slow to move on the global meltdown.

    Keep us posted