Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cover Up

I do love me a good opera-length glove!

So sassy next to fur:

So rich in red:

Club Monaco Red Leather Gloves
Original Price: $90.00, Sale Price: $28.00

Someone's lucky sister may be the beneficiary of these incredibly well-priced Club Monaco babies... Fortunately, for the sake of holiday surprises, she all-too-rarely reads this blog!


  1. Oh my. I'm sort of ridiculously jealous of the lucky glove recipient.

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  3. 28 bones is a good deal for work gloves (not really, but hyperbole seems appropriate here), let alone for such an exquisite set of gloves that you will use for years.

    My wile has a set of red gloves that I bought ten Xmases ago and she still sends a thrill through my heart when she wears them on a cold day with a black coat, blushing cheeks and her sweet smile.

    The fox (?) is lovely.

  4. Those gloves are heaven. I am calling Club Monaco. I cannot believe the price you got them for. I love-love-love them. Your friend will too.

  5. Beautiful gloves at a great price. Lucky!

  6. OMG K*!!!!!!!!!!!
    They're just awesome!!!!!!!
    Love love them.
    Well, if for any case you would though of giving something else to your friend..... remember "I'm also your friend" LOL LOL

    Great Xmas dear


  7. Those are stunning gloves for sure. This is making me very eager for presents...

  8. absolutely gorgeous!

    I want boots like that. Oh yes, I do.

  9. Woah! They are lush. I wish I was going to be opening these babies up tomorrow morning. I'd get spat on here if I wore the fur however... :(

    Have deliciously lovely festivities!

  10. Thanks Diana and Sal! I wanna keep 'em.

    D.: I love a guy who's sweet on his wife! The gloves are sitting on the new vest - part of which is fox and part is rabbit. Good eye.

    Bel: Can you get them? If you can't let me know and I'll try and find you a pair after Xmas.

    Wendy: Isn't she??

    Seeker: You are sneaky! They would be particularly fabulous on you though...

    Rebecca: And your sister is making you wait. Torture.

    Marjann: They would be excellent as boots :-)

    Isabella: Maybe Santa will bring you some new gloves. But not fur!

    Janet: I keep telling her that :-) Thank you!

  11. Just gorgeous. Maybe you need to keep those just for you!

  12. E: It wasn't meant to be... My sister will love them, though. PS Went back to find another pair, but all gone!