Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Colour Gets Me Every Time

Meet my new nylon mini-skirt with the industrial zipper and edgy seams:

You don't need a PhD in K-Line to guess that I got this at Club Monaco.

It was on sale from $130.00 to $69.00. And since the sizes were starting to disappear, I decided to purchase rather than wait and potentially be disappointed. I do have a feeling it may be marked down again over the next couple of weeks, which is why I'll be hanging onto the receipt.

I have had my eye on this cherry-red-meets-fuchsia-meets-orange mini for some time. It is a most unusual material for a skirt, which is lined and can be worn all seasons. I'm seeing it with hot pink tights, black boots and a black turtleneck. Or maybe with bright yellow - for a clash of the ages?

Gotta say, though, in case the photo doesn't make this clear: This thing is frickin' short.


  1. I adore anything red.. and mini.. HELLO! Hot pink tights... that would look fantastic.. like a Tres Chic Candycane = ) "wink"

  2. FUN! I just nabbed a flame orange pleated skirt from BR (with gift cards, fear not, no ban-breaking) and am wearing it today. But it's not nearly so mini. Can't wait to see this bad boy in action, K.Line.

  3. The photo makes that perfectly clear! Have fun with your glam gams in winter! Maybe you'll wear this to the little cafe?

  4. I am impressed at its shortness, and sure you can pull it off!

  5. I have to admit that I must be a doctorial candidate in K.line.;-) I thought it was a Club Monaco treasure as soon as I saw it. I would love this with the black turtle, tights and boots.

  6. Wow! thats a hottie alright. It is Hammie here K- signed in to work blog but am skyving off looking at skirts instead of posting about celebrity quizzes.

    I am thinking opaques and very scary heeled pumps, Or don't fuh with me boots.
    Cant wait to see it!

  7. Gorgeous! When do we get to see it in action?

  8. Amazing skirt and I'm loving the ideas for pairing it.
    We want pictures, beautiful lady, with great legs to wear minis!!!


  9. Well who cares? You have great legs, and if you're wearing it with tights, then it'll be just modest enough. But not TOO modest. ;)

    What a great find.

  10. That is the red mini that I was supposed to get after doing my very first dressing songy post wearing black canvas shoes. I now know exactly what I need to get!! Will be better tho if you show me 'how to' wear it. :P

  11. Fab skirt. Can't wait to see it with pink tights.

  12. Short but Cute! That's what leggings and tights are for. It's great and the price is even greater!

  13. Oh that color is great - probably even better in person!

  14. That's a superhero skirt, can't wait to see you in it!

  15. GJ: Thanks!

    Sal: I wanna see yours in action too.

    Miss C: Glam gams. I love this!

    Andrea: I'm shameless when it comes to showing off the legs. It helps :-)

    Bel: You do have a PhD in K.Line!! The dissertation is brutal :-)

    Hammie: I do like the idea of chunky pumps with this. Excellent suggestion.

    Janet and Seeker: It will get some action soon. Just need 5 minutes to get myself together. Sounds easier than it is!

    E: Thank you! Too modest is just not me :-)

    Songy: OMG. That is so true. You need this baby!

    Thanks Lavender!

    Maegan: The price was quite good. And may get better!

    Diana: It looks so much more vibrant in person. You're entirely correct.

    Skye: I love that description!! Now I just need a good bullet bra in hot pink :-)

  16. it's all about wearing tights underneath anyway :D

  17. Gloria - I tend to agree. Can't wait to find the perfect hue over the hols... Thanks for your comment!

  18. Argh I love this skirt! I chickened out on buying it though :(

  19. MizzJ: I saw a few remaining at the Boxing sale. You might find one if you call head office. And it might be really cheap! Thanks for your comment.