Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anything Goes

Some things I've been meaning to say:

  • The President's Choice salty caramels are as awesome as I feared they would be. Do yourself a favour and avoid them. Or just buy them, eat the box and get it over with.

  • I haven't forgotten this is a fashion blog, despite the proliferation of art, design, food and political posts. The hols just seem more about pretty interiors than clothes I can't wear because the weather is so wretched. Fear not, I will return to my first love as the season abates. (Or sooner if I'm inspired...)

  • Work and life are hitting a bit hard right now, and precluding me from doing carefully thought out pre-posts, so I've decided to think of December as "Whatever The Eff I Come Up With" Theme Month. Now that's catchy!

  • Daily Outfitting, a really appealing blog, has got me coveting this:

Miss Mars, $48.00

Did I mention it costs $48.00?


  1. I know I will continue to love whatever the eff you can come up with. And I had similar covetous feelings about that dress from DO ... gorgeous!

  2. That dress would look smashing on you. No, really, it would. I adivse your husband to buy it for you and then a photo of you in it and then you post here here for me to see, oops, I meant all of us to see.

  3. That dress is you! I've been eyeing their plait dress on etsy.

  4. That dress is perfect for you. Your short 'do would allow that neckline to shine, while showcasing your swan-like neck.

  5. MUST BUY DRESS. (You, I mean). Is awesome.

  6. Sal: Thank you. I don't know where that woman finds all these terrific images. I went looking on line for the Miss Mars brand and I can't even find it!

    Monkey: You are totally adorable. You make my day.

    Y: I'm going to try to find that on Etsy - can you send me the link??

    E: You're making me sound fantastic! My short hair will work with the neckline. How I love that neckline. I have to find this baby.

    Andrea: I know. I'm searching. I'll keep you posted.

  7. Wow, amazing dress indeed.... your face :)
    And whatever you would chose to post... I'll be here, dear.
    (Not only fashion is interesting)


  8. I think you definitely need to give those Miss Mars people the $48 - that dress would be great on you (although sometimes button placement/high necks can be problematic for those with spectacular racks such as yourself).

    As for the rest - just blog whatever the hell you want, it's your blog, lady!

  9. That dress is great. On you that dress would be fabulous. $48?? Get that dress.

    Please do not limit your topics. You are a lady of complexity and richness and I would hate it if you felt as if you had to only talk about one of your passions. Pleeeez!!! I am a big fan of blogging "whatever the eff I come up with."

  10. Ooo, want. & who wants a blog that's just about one thing--to read or write? Keep it up!

  11. It's your space. You do what you can and want.

    That dress has your name on it. Are you getting it for real? We bloggers covet too much if we get every single one we will all be broke.

  12. Here you go!

  13. Seeker: You are so sweet. Thank you!

    Skye: Well, here's the thing I just realized thanks to Yulanda's link below (thanks Y). The dress is well priced but it will cost 30 dollars to ship from Mexico and then with customs and exchange, this 48 dollar dress is going to be more than 100. Not such a steal anymore. Esp. as I cannot try it on and return it easily if (as you intelligently suggest) it's too snug in the boobs. So I don't think it's in my future. Boo hoo.

    Bel: Thank you! BTW, that new blog you hooked me up with "Motherhood in NYC" is genius. I love how it's not so much about NY or motherhood as about great stories and beautiful, hilarious prose. You know all the best blogs :-)

    Ambika: I'm so grateful for this outpouring of encouragement to do my own thing. I appreciate knowing you all are interested to hear about all my crazy ideas!

    Songy: You called it. See comment to Skye, above.

    Y: How plugged in are you that you found this before Daily Outfitting even posted on it. Thanks so much for sending the link. See comment to Skye to hear why I don't think it's in the cards...

  14. What a great dress! Lovely shape!

  15. Nadine, it would look great on you!