Monday, December 8, 2008

Step to It

Why on earth isn't every staircase in the land built with shelving?

I mean, it's not rocket science - but it would change the lives of all the people in 15-feet-wide century homes.
Your thoughts?


  1. This would add greatly to the storge in my 1876 home. I have the perfect staircase to be remodeled!

  2. Love it. My gosh, it'd be beyond fantastic to have so much extra storage!

  3. I would like a staircase that lifts up so I can have easier access to my dungeon and pet dragon.

    Seriously: it is probably cheaper to put a closet under the stairs (if you can get to it from the side). It might be more that a little dangerous to have a drawer that won't close all the way on a staircase.

    Also, having recently refitted my kitchen with new cabinets, I'll bet the stair-drawers would add 200 - 350 (US) each to the cost of the staircase. For drawers that are only 7 or 8 inches deep.

    other than that it's a great idea.

    Maybe a safer and cheaper option would be to fix the steps with lids and have a series of little chests marching up the staircase.


  4. That is sooooo brilliant. And, I want a pull out shelf on each and every step.

  5. How awesome would this be? Like a built in mud room...

  6. I think you could only use that concept if you lived alone, otherwise traversing the stairs could definitely become risky. I could never trust that my husband had pushed the drawers all the way back in, since he is incapable of shutting any cupboard or drawer as it is!

  7. That idea is brilliant. really

  8. That is so smart and obvious. I saw something similar on World's most extreme homes where they had pot drawers embedded in the was in Sweden or something...

  9. That's the best idea since sliced bread.

  10. Yeah. I loved it until I read Skye's comment. Mr Hammie is the same. When he has been in the kitchen it looks like the 6th Sense. But it could be great shoe storage and you wouldn't bump your head like I do under the stairs.

  11. Builders will have to think outside of square and they're not very good at that.. it will cost heaps I mean heaps more to get that sort of thing built. Neil, the builder I know will go crazy if i ask him to do that!

  12. Miss C: Me first! :-)

    Monkey: I thought of pretending it was my idea but it occurred y'all might not believe me.

    Sal: I started drooling from the joy of storage!!

    D.: LOL! And I totally hear you about the expense and the risk of killing yourself on the stairs. And yet, A closet just seems so dull by comparison.

    Bel: We should, perhaps consider D.s suggestion of lids. It's safer, apparently.

    Ambika and Andrea and Sam and Lee and Wendy: I know. I know! :-)

    Skye: You practical people make the world a safer place :-) I hear you. Maybe we could have a magnet that shuts them all again? (Just trying...)

    GT: LOVE that. Those Swedes are so smart with the design!

    E: Sliced bread isn't quite as good an idea - what with the carbs :-)

    Hammie: Skye and D. have got me reconsidering...

    Songy: This is for the rich needers of storage, obviously :-) (That's why we don't have it!)

  13. What a great idea!!!
    Pity that I can't do it in my stairs, because they're not of wood.


  14. Great idea, in theory, but I know I'd come down the stairs at night and fall into an open drawer that one of the kids (or husband) forgot to shut!

  15. Seeker: What are your stairs made of?

    Janet: That is a definite challenge with the design. The people who need it most (large families with young, distractable kids) are at the highest risk of killing themselves in using it :-)

  16. I'm thinking about how many pairs of shoes I could tuck away and getting excited in a really pathetic way! That is brilliant!

  17. I foresee many a problem...drunk at 2am, digging thru looking for my ladi heels while Imelda Mike attempts his Barbara 1999 Comeback tour staircase entrance...bitch is going to 'come-a-croper'!

  18. E8: Imagine it in one of those houses your sister took you to...

    Matt: LOL. It's the comeback tour entrance that kills me!

  19. I know, right? My perfect house daydream just got more perfect.