Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here are a couple of photos of my fave work lunch spot. It's a bistro, quel surprise. It serves the best quiche in the city - made with crumbly buttery crust and lots of cream (as it should be). And you can choose between a lovely, huge salad on the side or frites - or both. I get the salad so that I can feel virtuous!

Last time I was in, reading a magazine to clear my head of work matters, the proprietor brought me an unexpected chocolat chaud, just because I am sweet (says he)! Talk about a high tip quotient :-) I love the French.


  1. Looks fab! I need some quiche, stat!


  2. How fun to have such a resource right near the office. Do you have a "usual"?

  3. Stop making me hungry.

    Btw, did you get my email? I need to know when I can give those tights to you while I'm still down here.

  4. I love the French for all the reasons you describe: buttery crust, cream, frites, chocolate and proprietors who bring chocolat chaud because you are sweet. Le sigh!

  5. That kind of service would have me coming back too - even if the quiche wasn't fabulous!

  6. Impressive collection of wine, they have. When waiters do little things like that it really makes my day! He was quite correct in his obsservation, I must say.

  7. I didn't know quiche was meant to be made with cream :|

  8. That sounds like an appropriate gesture for him to make—hot chocolate for a hot girl.


  9. CC: Quiche really has it all.

    Sal: But of course! I always have the Lorraine (bacon and cheese) - I know, it shocks you :-) I'm going there today!

    Y: Emailed back. Sorry for delay. I'd suggest we go there tomorrow but I won't have quite enough time...

    Andrea: It really is delish and lovely ambience. But not fussy.

    Bel: Did I mention it's right near the AGO? So you could totter there after in those delightful chichi red Valentinos! Tres sexy.

    Skye and Seeker: The service is very good. So the place really has it all. I love not having to choose.

    Jenn: Thank you!

    Jill: Oh stop! (Not really.) The wine list is rather endless. Not that I drink at lunch. Unless it's an occasion.

    Matt: It is! But most places, unless they are quite authentique, don't use cream. So many quiche eaters are into "healthy" that I think the cream would freak them out. Of course, cream is very healthy in moderation.

    E: You win comment of the week! Thanks!! xo

  10. Take me there if I ever make to your fair city.

  11. I miss going to this place for lunch... They have a sinful, warm chocolate cake as well, non?

    Cool blog btw :).

    -A Frenchman you know (Lunch. Soon.)

  12. And this is why I wish La Perouse had landed 2 hours before Arthur Phillip and claimed Australia.
    Okay, we might have had a lot more nuclear testing at maralinga, but you could go to lunch at a good bistro in your army issue ray-bans after wards!

  13. Dr. M: You're on.

    Anon: Would your initials happen to be LT??? I LOVE this comment and I would love to lunch with you. Thanks for reading xoxo

    H: I love how your brain works!

  14. Indeed they are-- and I laughed so much reading about your adventures at Avenue C.!! You, me, lunch in January. Happy holidays!

  15. Excellent! I have been thinking about you and hoping you'll come back to the office. I'm sure that won't happen - because you are on to such fun new adventures - but we must catch up!