Friday, December 26, 2008

Disappointment Is Free

Note to reader: In some hideous twist of fate my computer seems to be on its last legs - either that or my transformer is. So even though I have ideas a-brewin', I may not have any vehicle for distribution till I can get a new ____ (in a week or so) or coerce my husband out of his.

Nonetheless, onward and upward. (I feel vaguely like I'm rearranging deck chairs, but worse things have happened.)

What I want to tell you about, while I still can, is how truly unsavory the sales were today. I mean, I know the glory of Boxing Day has been on the wane for a few years now, ever since the market went to pre-Xmas sales. (Remember how you used to have to actually pay full price for your presents?) But really, I saw better deals in the 2 weeks before Christmas than I did today at a diverse cross-section of retail outlets.

And you know how Club M roped me in with its 75% off bullshit. Well, most everything I saw was a max of 20% off and most of the things there were far less $$ in my 30% off-30% off forays of early December. When I noted to an SA, that the sign proclaiming that the (admittedly divine) cashmere scarves were down from $109 was false - said scarves were only ever $99 at full price - he gave me some half-assed explanation and admitted that the sale was less than spectacular, esp. if you'd bought half the store up by Nov. 28.

Please, CM peeps. First your website blows and now you're dabbling in false advertising?! You know I love you but really...

But wait, there's an upside. Some places were truly packed out in my little town. M0851 was like Pearson Airport-on Xmas Day-crowded. There was not a pair of sale-priced men's gloves to be had anywhere. And, for all my shopping hopefulness - and hope-dashedness - I spent 30 bucks. And that was on fancy raw cheese from the fancy boutique grocery store in the chichi area. (30 bucks doesn't really get you that much cheese but my parents were arriving today and, as my husband is incapable of serving dinner before 7 pm (thanks for cooking, Sweetie!), I had to ply the 'rents with high-fat snack foods.)

OK, gotta sign off. Just wanna say, while shopping ennui is, well, filled with ennui, it sure is nice to the bank account. And check back for more posts. Because I intend to be picked up by the metaphoric Carpathia.

Peace out. K


  1. Oh bummer. I was thinking that it would be a huge sale this time considering how people wouldn't necessarily go out shopping much. I was wrong then. I haven't done any post xmas shopping in Australia. I heard some horror stories.

    Happy Hols, btw. :P


  2. Awww, bummer. I think the sales on the whole here were a bit crummy too (although I got some good stuff for excellent reductions), but I predict monster markdowns just ahead. End of season sales are a good bet here because really summer and autumn are pretty much interchangeable.

  3. Oh what a disapointment indeed.
    I guess I was wondering what will they do when they had some high discounts before Xmas. But I've heard that some places had 90% off, I think in Australia...

    Well here we can't expect much, it's the same old thing No boxing day, sales just to the start of the year.

    Hope you'll manage to stay in touch with us or you'll be missed.


  4. Arrrgh. I too, am a HUGE fan of CM and after fighting my way to Yorkdale (bad idea, I know) I was soooo disappointed in the "sales" going on at almost all my favourite stores...Especially CM, couldn't they give at least an extra 30% off, like they did a few weeks ago?!

  5. You know? I didn't even bother with the sales this year. I just skipped it as a preemptive strike. And I'm actually happy I did, everything's always picked over anyways :) Sorry it sucked for you. xoxo.

    PS- Wishing you the best of luck with the computer situation.

  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear you have computer Issues! I will pray for you. Re the shopping: Fuck them all, there's nothing good ANYWHERE! Wait for next season. xoxo

  7. I can understand your feelings, I would be angry too. CM sent out false expectations of their sales, this sucks! Sometimes you can find some really good stuff at sale but you have to be patiently and to search for awhile. I'm a real sale-shopper, the majority of my closet is from sale.

  8. I didn't go to CM on Boxing Day, but I went today (extra 20% off sale items -- was it the same on the 26th?) and didn't find anything. In fact, I haven't found much to like from them lately except for the white & black striped blazer (which they didn't have in my size anymore).

  9. Lies damn lies - it is all around. Still keep your purse shut and go for broke in a few months!

  10. Yicks. Sounds like a major letdown, lady. Not to mention the 'puter woes!

  11. I hope things improve for you on the computer front. I wish for speed and ease for you in solving the problem!

    Too bad about the CM "sale." It sounds like they just don't get it.

  12. Kind of makes me glad I'm not there to shop.

  13. Lovelies: So sorry it's taken a while to respond to your comments...

    Songy: I hope you are having the most fun ever. And the sales do seem to be bad, everywhere!

    Skye: You did sooooo well in the sales. I loved your pressie post!

    Seeker: I'm thinking of you and your ex's family...

    J: Isn't it crappy? If only they hadn't pretended it was going to be the sale of the century!

    E8 and Sister: Thank you. It's the transformer. I'm working on a solution. But prayers are good!

    F: I say, sale shopping is the only way to go. But I did clean up before the hols, fortunately...

    Y: That sucks. I'm really pissed at CM right now. I'm going to boycott for at least a month :-)

    MDS: Very sound advice. It's part of the slow fashion premise :-)

    Sal and E: The puter is the woeiest of all the woes right now (but I'm managing...) Thanks for caring!

    Anymommy: Can you bear the thought of more shopping now??