Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why am I Not Surprised

Of course she gets Agent Provocateur under the tree... What's the betting she also got drank some fabulous Egg Nog martini while trying it all on :-)


  1. LOL

    I've heard (and saw through skype)that TO is "full" of snow.
    Hope everything is ok with you darling and your family.


  2. Oh wow the underwear is awesome - she'll suit her so well!

  3. Ho Ho Ho. It will be too much to ask you to pose in those?!

  4. Someday I will dye my hair blonde and steal niotilfemm's life...she better watch her back.

  5. Seeker: And the snow is back again!

    Nadine: I try not to be envious of Sandra, but it's hard!

    Monkey: Niotillfem is eye-candy, par excellence. And you don't need to read either (cuz it's in Swedish)!

    Songy: Hahaha!

    Bel: Oh, I know!

    E: Her life is glamour-plus!

    Rebecca: I love this comment! Can we do it together??