Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

...Unless you love shopping and you have no impulse control.

Then it's the most dangerous time of the year.

Yes, I know, I'm breaking my own Xmas shopping rules left, right and centre. I'm a bad role model. But I have some cool stuff.

While sourcing some great loot for great friends, I discovered - and yes, purchased - this:

The piece, by Polli is actually much more delicate and lovely than this photo suggests. The chain, in particular, is much better... Each stainless steel pendant is thinner than a credit card but strangely tough. This one lies very nicely against my chest without calling too much attention to either itself or to my tits (except Hilary disagrees, she wants you to know, that it doesn't call attention). And yet it's substantial. I love its nod to the natural world, though it's constructed from a very industrial product.

Polli, which I had never heard of until a couple of weeks ago, is an Australian company comprised of two Sydney-trained industrial designers who bring sustainability and a Danish-meets-Japanese sensibility to their rather broad-ranging collection. Can the Aussies do nothing wrong?!?! One of my absolute fave TO stores bar-none, the chameleonic design stuff-meets-everything else Ziggy's at Home, sells a number of these pendants and earrings at rather reasonable prices. And Polli's website also provides a well-organized online shop.

Maybe one of the women in your life needs a little bauble over the holidays? Maybe you do?

I keep telling myself I'm going to give it to someone who's been really good...


  1. What a gorgeous pendant, dear!!
    I'm sure it looks great on you :)


  2. I think you could set yourself a challenge - i.e. not buy ickle pieces but save all your money up and buy something major in six months.
    The necklace is very you!

  3. I'm detecting a theme with all this steel chain action. Pretty pendant and cute bag too!

  4. That's too pretty, K-Line. Keep it.

  5. I'm not a big shopper but love the Christmas craft markets (juried!) where everything is handmade, in one place, and you don't have to think about finding something classy.

  6. I meant to say I spied the Prada jewelled mules which are £420 so hav eno idea in Canadian dollars but I thought they wer very you adn you should save your impulse spends to get these beauties!

  7. Oh, yes, DO give that to someone who's been really good.


  8. Such a great necklace!

  9. Please check here I have some awards for you.

  10. Seeker: Why, thank you! And thank you for the lovely award - sooo great

    MDS: Isn't that a worthy goal. And very slow fashion. I'm working my way up there... (Obv at the pace of a snail.) Those Prada babies are probably 1000 CDN dollars i.e. many other purchases declined :-)

    Skye: I didn't pick up on this. Sooooo true.

    Songy: OK. Sold.

    GT: I love craft markets too. I may go to one (just for fun, mind you, next weekend). Jewels.

    Thanks Andrea!

    E: LOL. I AM good.

    Thanks Nadine.