Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three Lamps I Want and One I Already Have

I used to have a lamp like this one (above) only it was from Ikea and probably cost 12 bucks. It lasted a decade at least, and it cast starry shadows on the wall...

I do enjoy shadow-casting column lamps, apparently. This one reminds me of an office tower.

Alas, don't get too excited by this one. It's still in the prototype phase. Honestly, I have no idea how I'd work this into my minimalist home but I would find a way. Because it's hilarious. (The kid might have to use it as her bedside lamp. Is that questionable parenting??)

This lamp, by Pablo, is happily mine. Except I have the clear plexi base and white shade. The quality of light it casts (on very cool dimmer) is unparalleled. It's chic, clean and it works anywhere.

Oh, and it's affordable (for "design", you understand, not abstractly). In Canada, where I bought mine, it was $140.00 CDN. I've seen the same one online, on sale, for $100.00 USD (for the small one). Of course, intl. shipping to Canada being what it is, between the exchange rate, shipping cost and customs, the online lamp would have cost me at least $140.00 by the time it got here. So I've got to be grateful to have found it at a store down the street.

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  1. ooh i like the numbers one too... it's really cool.

  2. I like the number lamp, though if I were an accountant it would probably stress me out . . .

  3. I'm really thrilled by that numbers lamp. I would love to have it.

    I love them all, too, but not a one fits with my current decor.

  4. Hee! The abducted cow lamp is awesome. I love it.

  5. Oh I really like that numbers lamp, cute...
    OMG that with the cow is sooooo hilarious, I would like to have it just for the fun ;)


  6. Jennine: It's almost hypnotic to me.

    Miss C: LOL. You are soooo right.

    E: I say, just change up the decor. :-) What, you don't have the right look for the alien abduction lamp?

    Andrea: I too love it!

    Seeker: I wonder how much that lamp will cost when they finally start producing it.

  7. It's too late to tell me not to get excited about the UFO/cow. I'm terribly excited! That's so me.

  8. Count me in on the number lamp. I love it to infinity and beyond.

  9. me too. I saw that a few days ago and I thought to myself that would my guy super excited. he is good with numbers. That will be a perfect gift for him.

  10. My bass player/friend of 8 years works for FATE Magazine - a bigfoots and UFOs mag. I've GOTTA tell him about that cow lamp!

  11. You are hot, stylish, and have great taste in home furnishings? Dang, you are the perfect woman!

  12. I *love* that first one!

  13. I know, Wendy, the cow is too exciting to forget about!

    Belette: Ha!

    Songy: I didn't look to purchase it so I don't even know it's price. Is it affordable??

    Sal: Wouldn't you love to get it for him. I defy you to thrift one like that for 9.99!

    Dr. M: I am blushing. Truly, with your compliments, sometimes I feel like some helpless animal caught in the hypnotic lightbeam of an alien spacecraft! :-)

    Ambika: The first one is my fave too.

  14. Great finds! I love the numbers lamp, and I agree the UFO one is hilarious...and what better time to teach kids about cow-abducting aliens than bedtime? :D

  15. Ms. U: Ha! I've got to agree with you on this one :-)