Sunday, November 2, 2008

Santa Baby!

Oh, this is good. So, gift-giving good!

Today, on a whim, though the guy at Rudsak advised that there were no more of the fab wallet I snagged on mega-sale a few days ago, I decided to return in the slim hopes that the SA could search another store for any spares floating in the system.

Turns out, the guy was looking in the wrong spot and there were actually 3 left (with boxes no less) languishing in a fancy stock drawer! And, since I put it out there to the Xmas giftie gods to send me a spare to give away over the hols, I felt it would be ungracious not to buy them all. Sometimes I am so hideous western consumer. But generous. :-)

So, if your name is Sandra, Allison or Mummy (mine only, sorry) - do not buy a wallet before Christmas.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, a perk for being named Sandra!!!!

    I love it. Thank you already. But I promise to look surprised when I open the box! ;-)



  2. Woo! Congratulations, what a shopping triumph. :)

  3. I gave you more two awards, please check my blog.

  4. Congrats!! I felt sure that the wallet story was not over when you last wrote. I am delighted I was right. Your trio of recipients will be delighted with such a lovely gift. Remember that when you give a wallet you are supposed to put a fresh dollar bill in it for good luck.

  5. lol
    That sounds to me like a great shipping spree.

  6. Oh, hooray! Good shopping karma! What a score.

  7. S: There should be some perks, non?

    Andrea: Triumph or spending spree, you choose.

    Seeker: You are so loving! Thank you so much.

    Belette: I didn't know this. Thank you for the tip!

    Songy: It took 5 minutes from start to finish :-)

    E: Thanks E! I like to think it's good karma for all my peeps :-)