Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Course You Know I Bought Stuff...

But first, here's what I didn't buy:
  • Skinny leather belt painted gold. So disco meets euro chic. ($49.00)
  • Insanely comfortable, beautiful, appealing elbow-length cashmere gloves in grey. ($79.00)
Yes, I loved them both. Yes, I could envision 12 outfits for each piece. But, alas, one is being "thoughtful" about consumption lately. And about paying off the bathroom reno in this decade.

Which is why I am sheepish to report that I did not leave without:
  • Amazing merino wool harlequin pattern v-neck sweater. (on sale! $59.00) Pls. note, despite the weird colour scheme in the photo, it is a perfect combo of burgundy and cherry red, great length, shows off cleavage very well (but respectably) and has that super merino ability to be durably slim and sleek.

  • Warm, cozy, fine, navy blue cashmere sweater (honestly, well-priced at $99.00). I believe that navy blue looks as chic, if not better, than black on 85% of women. It doesn't zap the colour from one's natural complexion. And it goes so well with every other colour in the universe. I must disclose that this is not my first cashmere scarf. I do have another in steel grey, very fine (from Portugal), that is truthfully more of a shawl than a scarf. It is so dear that I feel it is for indoor use only. Not to mention that, given it's dimensions, while very slim, it's too bulky to wear around the neck under a coat. My mother calls this shawl my "blankie". You can see why I need one for outdoor use. And this new navy scarf is perfect in every way.


  1. OK, so WHY are you apologizing for buying beautiful, high quality goods for yourself? Don't you deserve these things? Doesn't the global economy need stimulating? These are great purchases and amazing prices! Dispense with the sheepishness, kitten!

    And I so agree with you about navy. It's the world's most underrated neutral.

  2. Cashmere and merino are good investments! :)

  3. Yay, cute finds indeed!! Very warm and snuggly.

  4. You did very well with these. I can see perfectly why you chose them. I really love that colorway for the argyle sweater.

  5. I think these are essentials. Lovely colours and all.

  6. Classic investment pieces for a great price. Love that argyle sweater. Really beautiful.:-)

  7. Sal: Of course you are right. I am doing my part for the global economy and looking chic all the while!

    Andrea: And they feel so yummy!!!

    Thanks Paper Doll.

    E: Thank you. I love the term colorway. I'm going to use it in a sentence today.

    Thanks Songy!

    Belette: So glad you like them. And I can tell I will be using them in 5 years so they are an investment. Thing about me is that I can manage to make everything a great, necessary investment!

  8. Love that sweater. The colors & print are just lovely.

  9. Love the sweater... you made such a great find :).

  10. Why even live without long cashmere gloves??

  11. Ambika: Thanks!

    Nadine: It's got a crazy colour combo I bet you would love to wear!

    Sister: Must you speak my deepest thoughts? :-)