Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Lady

I took this at the AGO opening. It's part of the permanent exhibit. Do you know that the Art Gallery of Ontario has the largest public collection of Henry Moore sculpture anywhere in the world? I've been looking at it all for 30 years now and I never tire of this piece.

It encapsulates the steely strength and elegant grace which coexist in so many women.


  1. I wouldn't tire of that, either. I love that it's so large, you can walk around all sides and get a different view of the same work, yet take something different from it. It's absolutely superb.

  2. I absolutely adoooore Henry Moore - love the fluidity of his work. Great pic and commentary - thanks for sharing this, K-L! Hope your weekend was as inspired as this post!


  3. Yes, I would like that in my apartment.

  4. OMG I love this sculpture!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing it here, dear


  5. I've wondered why the ago has the largest moore collection. That piece is stunning.

  6. I just want to run my hands over it, (in a non-sexual art lover kind of way). Henry Moore was a genius.

  7. oh god. I used to study that and the's like looking at my text book.

    Of course, your writing is not boring me to tears.

  8. Monkey: It's so tactile. I love it too.

    E: That's so true. Every side tells a different story.

    CC: Weekend not anywhere near as inspired :-)

    Wendy: Let me see what I can do. You may have to reinforce the floors though :-)

    Thanks to you, Seeker!

    GT: I don't know. I'm sure there's a good story. I need to look into that.

    Cybill: LOL. I say, get your freak on :-)

    Mattie: See above :-)

    Songy: We can only be grateful for small mercies!