Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mega Sale Alert

Club Monaco is having the sickest sale ever today and tomorrow. Most everything in the store is 30% off (except the 20 things that just arrived on Thursday) and everything that's already on sale is another 30% off.

So you know that cashmere scarf I paid $100.00 a month ago? It was $40.00 today. Natch, I bought 2 - one for my mother or father (unisex) and one for Scott. Oh, and they wrapped for free. Very classily.

It was such an awesome, adrenaline pumping sale - and I'm almost afraid to tell you this - I ended up buying Scott's Xmas presents for me (well a couple of them anyway). I figured, there they were and by the time he gets around to buying them they could be a) gone or b) back at full or not as deeply discounted price. Of course, I can't say anything about them now because they're gifts I haven't received yet.  But I will say I saved him $120.00 before tax.

Oh, and BTW, I'm finished the Xmas shopping altogether. Tout finit. I have to stay out of the stores now.


  1. What?!? You finished your Xmas shopping? But I didn't get an order from you. So it's impossible that you're finished ;-)

  2. wow, you're fast girl! I didn't even start with Christmas shopping yet! And lucky girl to have Club Monaco, they have some neat stuff.

  3. The only Christmas shopping I've done so far is for myself. oops.

  4. My kind of shopping. Now one important question: what are you going to get yourself with the $120 you saved? ;-)

  5. What K???? You finished your Xmas shopping????? I didn't even start.
    Shame on me!!!
    I admire you girl!!!!
    Now take care, don't change your mind about some gifts... lol ;)

    Hope you're having a great weekend darling.

  6. Get out. NO one has finished their Xmas shopping yet. Why, I only started mine today!

  7. gee. good luck with the 'staying out' part. I still have heaps to do but my guy is preparing for a job interview so no fun until that's out the way.

  8. Wendy: Next Xmas, when I earn just a little bit more disposable income, I'm getting the pomegranate and the owl. Of course, I'm keeping them.

    F: I really like to get an early start because I HATE crowds. Not that the crowds aren't already out there...

    Y: I completely get that.

    Materfamilias: That is an excellent question! You're my kind of girl.

    Seeker: My resolve is steely. I just have to keep myself out of the stores!

    E: That's just the kind OCD person I am.

    Songy: You've hit the nail on the head. I'm giving your husband positive interview vibes!

  9. I just love that you wrote 'sickest sale ever'...Party on Wayne :)

  10. Mattie: Hahahaha. For me, it's always 1993 :-)