Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's What I Walked 3 Miles in the Freakin' Cold For

And on the heels of Sal's post, it's rather scandalous.

I'm having friends for dinner tomorrow and the TV commercial (in which subliminal messages compel me to want this vat of calories and sugar) has finally worked its magic. I submit.

I'm usually a "make your own dessert" girl. I'm a good cook in a 1970's saturated fat kind of way. You will always find whipping cream in this house (and some berries to pour it on). I serve red meat and things with melted brie. (Portion controlled, natch :-))

Label this food architecture (in keeping with the theme week) or food porn - your call. But on a gorgeous winter table, it's gonna be art.

(Please big box food gods, let it taste as good as it looks!)


  1. That looks like a cake worth walking for. Hope is is delicious.
    Beef, brie and beautiful cake. Yummy!!

  2. That cheesecake looks good enough for the three-mile walk, I'd say.

    Look, La Bel and I said very similar things. ;)

  3. OMG it looks really yummy (hope Wendyb doesn't see me writing this lol) and worth all the effort.
    Hmmm.... now that I'm vegetarian it's difficult to find beef at my home, but we can substitute it for some creamy stuff.

    Everything will be fine, my darling, I'm so sure.
    Enjoy your dinner and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That looks pretty damn yummy - but would it be hard to make one yourself. Cheesecakes/caramel cheesecakes are easy peasy (so something like this should be too), so if the big box gods aren't smiling on it, you should be able to whip one of these up yourself.

  5. Can't wait to hear how it actually tastes. I find dulce de leche usually too sweet...I'm a hot fudge kinda gal.

    I was going to make a cheesecake for tonight because we're going to visit our friends in Oakville and then I got all lazy and will probably pick up the President's Choice Key Lime somethingorother.

  6. Oh, lady, I had no intention of implying that ANYONE should be deprived of cheesecake! If I were anywhere near Toronto, I'd be the first one to crash that dinner party, believe me.

  7. E and Bel: I really hope it's good. I'm all for walking my ass off for tasty dessert. I just don't want to be disappointed!

    Thanks Seeker. I'll let you know how we enjoy it.

    Skye: The hilarious thing is that I could have made a cheesecake in less time that it took me to walk there and back. I could have made it fairly easily. I just love how it comes in a box and it's ready to go...

    Tanya: I am vaguely concerned about the sweetness factor. But I'm going to serve it with berries to cut the taste and we'll all be so boozed out we won't notice anyway :-)

    Sal: I know that was not your intention! :-) But your post was so intelligent about moderation, I couldn't help but draw the parallel... Crash the party. The cheesecake, though the size of a pancake, is designed to feed 8!

  8. I think it will be yummy.

    I'm a total sucker for food commercials. Good thing that we don't have a TV connection. We have a big panel but only connected to a computer.

  9. I wish I was coming for your dinner, sounds yummy!!

  10. So.... HOW WAS IT?


  11. I miss President's Choice! And I know that "President" refers to the company head, but I always thought it should be "Prime Minister's Choice" . . .

  12. Definitely worth a 3 mile walk, even in sub-zero temps! Wish I was coming...

  13. I'm Canadian too and I've seen the ads. Definitely food porn. I'm gluten and dairy intolerant and it even makes me want to walk to my nearest Superstore (about 3 miles away) and buy one!!

  14. "I'm a good cook in a 1970's saturated fat kind of way. "

    made me chuckle. My mother-in-law is also that sort of cook

  15. Ah, Songy: How wrong we both were...

    Jen: Next time you are in TO, please let me know...

    Sandra: Fab party, miserable cake.

    Miss C: LOL

    Janet: The best I can say for it is that I got some exercise (pls. see today's post!!)

    Ebinbaby: Thanks for stopping by. And may I say I'm thrilled to save you the agony because this thing sucked.

    Gifted Typist: I also think of myself as a gifted typist :-) It's one of those things I'm a natural at! I guess I have the core retro skills like typing and cooking :-)