Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grey Square Neck: Laundry circa 1998

This is one of the first "designer" pieces I ever bought. I got it at Loehmann's in West Palm Beach when my parents lived nearby. It cost a fortune by my standards at that time - approaching $80.00 at a discount store 10 years ago! Man, that store was always good for a great buy...

This pullover is a very slim knit and cut. After I had my daughter I could barely fit it over my arms - much less my chest! It took until a couple of years ago before I could wear it again (and it's a bit shorter than I'd like given my current "figure challenges" read: stomach).

Here it is (seen below) with amazing new vintage jacket I bought a couple of months ago. The jacket is very fitted, wool with a flare at the waist. You can't actually see any of that in this picture, which is why I'll post about it again another time... Oh, and the belt (seen above) is metal - from Anne Taylor about 10 years ago. It was $50.00 - which also seemed steep - but look, I'm still wearing it.

My husband likes to call this my "political bio" photo. Ha!


  1. Love how in this photo shoot you went from Film Noir to happy gal. Really, you have your style down. Love this look on you. And, I hope you are seeing how beautiful your hair looks. It is a gorgeous colour.

  2. Your cashmere collection is truly enviable, lady. This sweater was definitely worth the investment: It's lasted, it's classic, and it looks phenomenal on you.

  3. Haha, that last shot does look like it should be on the back cover of a book! I wouldn't say political bio, though, I'd say sensible psychology-based self-help book of some kind. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. ;)

  4. I think you need to run for office.

    What a great story: you are wearing your old friend again. And that friend truly loves you. You look so perfect and happy in that top. I love the belt, skirt, the whole thing.

    (ha ha: my word verification was "blest")

  5. I love wearing things from 10 years ago. There's something very satisfying about it. You look great!

  6. Your glasses suit you so well!

  7. Wow, you look so happy in the last pic. Feck the cashmere, I am having serious wooden blind envy over here.
    But on the subject of cashmere; I am supposed to be working today, not driving directly over to Wexford street and trawling the racks of "Age Concern" and "Enable Ireland", which is what I want to do now.
    Have a great weekend K!

  8. Gorgeous greys! Yes v film noir to redemption!

  9. never heard of a square neck.. you know. That's interesting.

    I love your political bio photo!

  10. Belette: Thank you so much. Today I had lunch with my oldest friend (who hadn't seen the new hair) and she was sooooo positive about it. I'm starting to get with it!

    Why thank you Sal!

    Andrea: You are SO right. It's completely self-help. LOL.

    E: Very interesting capcha. I think my past is too dirty for politics :-)

    Thanks Wendy. It's my own little version of vintage.

    Nadine: Thank you. I was worried about them (cuz they are vaguely pink) but I've settled in.

    Hammie: Ah, wooden blind envy. I know it well. Will it make you feel better to know that they're scratched to shit?

    MDS: Greys always get my vote for drama.

    Thanks, Songy. The square neck is hard to find, that's for sure.