Monday, February 11, 2008

Thoughts or Feelings?

I wasn't particularly blown away by NY Fashion Week. (Not that I couldn't have been if I'd been invited to attend some sexy event - no show envy here!) Much of it seemed a strange combination of derivative and impossible to wear. But lest you think that I'm some bored, bitter fashion-person wannabe, here are a few (workable) things that genuinely did appeal:

Top to Bottom: Max Azria BCBG, Luca Luca, Daryl K, L'wren Scott


  1. I wasn't blown away either. Liked Verrier's line though--very feminine so right up my alley...with a czarist Russian twist.

  2. I really like Verrier, though I haven't been able to find it in Toronto. It is very feminine, elegant but in a vaguely kooky way!

  3. Hi K-Line,

    I did write an elliptical post about my Vogue experience, in my Dec 2007 archive, called "The Intellectual Fashionista." That's only a small and fairly veiled part of the post, because I was trying to be discrete. But I figured I could name drop a bit with the Thoughtful Dresser.

  4. Miss C - Left you a comment on that very post. Not sure if you got it (I think yes, but you moderate your posts so perhaps you'll see it later). At any rate, thanks so much for your reply and for a great read too. K