Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sure Hope Boys Make Passes...

... at girls wearing these:

Face a Face - Pinup

Meet my latest purchase. (Can't talk about cost, still adjusting...)

So glad I can justify these on the basis that they a) enable me to function in the world and b) they will give my day-to-day image a real refresh.


  1. I totally love your frames, I think I can safely say that since the new ones I got last week are practically identical:)

  2. Thank you Bronwyn. I'm so excited to pick them up this weekend, it's almost making me forget the hundreds of dollars I just spent.

    Are yours Face a Face too? It's always so strange picking them up trying on the (prescriptioned) glasses for the first time and finally seeing (hopefully) what you think you saw before the lenses were put in... You know what I mean...

  3. They'll look great on you!

    I don't think you can spend too much on frames: you wear them all day, every day, and you aptly point out that you need them. It's not like you don't get your money's worth out of them.

    I do wish frames weren't such a rook. Why do they have to gouge us so badly?

  4. Enc - It's so true. In that cost per wearing paradigm, there's no better value for the money. It's just so hard to justify the cost of plastic (I know, it's design, but plastic design!) Thanks for the positive feedback. They'll be ready on the weekend. K

  5. Goody, get a photo of you in your new outfit with the glasses!