Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everything Old is New Again

If you read my last post on vintage, you'll know how I can't seem to stop stopping in at I Miss You, perhaps the best r3 store I have every encountered. Every excursion is successful on all fronts: beautiful presentation, eclectic inventory, breadth of options, reasonable prices for excellently well-preserved pieces and that ineffable something that results in always walking out with a little (or big) purchase you can feel good about.

Recently got off the phone with longtime, great friend and true fashion originator Hilary, who once again reminded me how I used to scorn preloved items on the basis that they must all be flea-ridden. I'm telling you, mothers can really plant an idea.

At any rate, here's what came of today's drop in:

Yes dolls, that is some kind of snakeskin - real or otherwise - in perfect condition (additionally, not shown, leather shoulder strap, is also in perfect condition which attaches to the gold hardware). It's patchwork madness and the price was a steal at $65.00.

Then there's this excellent Sasson shirtdress circa 1983, another great bargain at $49.00. A propos of the rash of posts I've read lately about breaking out of shopping ruts, I opted to go for a style and colour scheme I ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead in. Not to mention the little matter that I was there the first time around so this is an item, perhaps, I should have walked on by.

Miserable photo doesn't do justice to the khaki/cherry combo, a very casual colour pairing in a tailored nod to Claire McCardell. How strange to own something retro that would have been retro in it's own generation...

Once again, I apologize for photo quality. I'm seriously trying everything with the two cameras we currently own (tripods, weird tricks of lighting, reading the manual?!) in an effort to avoid spending a whack of money on a new electronic gadget. Having said that, this blurry madness has to end... Please stay tuned.


  1. Dearest K, now that I have slipped from the being fashion icon I was at 15 ( Mom's Armani, parachute pants, nafnaf one-piecers), into the depths of the much lamented parenting "yoga pant rut" , I thought things were over for me. But now that I have read your blog, I feel a surge coming on. I can see that I do have a way out. I see it, and it is being your muse. We'll talk. Hil

  2. Hilly, you are always a fashion icon to me. Love, K