Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun and Games!

OK, I totally love this. Yesterday I posted about basics, vis a vis a great post I read on Style Bubble (see below). At the end of that post, I suggested that some of the fashionable bloggers I read daily might want to write about what constitutes a basic according to them.

Today, wonder of wonders, Lady has responded to that question with a great follow up about her own wardrobe essentials. And, also game (pun intended) is the delightful Curella, who has decided to turn this little musing into a full-fledged activity.

In brief, Curella has institutionalized the question "what is a basic wardrobe to you" in a fun game of tag. I, Rumi from Fashion Toast and Selina of Flying Saucer are Curella's 3 tags. (Believe it or not, I've never actually visited Flying Saucer, but that's about to change stat.)

As per Curella's rules, I'm to write about what comprises a basic wardrobe for me. I think I've summed that up in yesterday's post here. Then, I'm to tag 3 other bloggers to do the same thing, in the interests of learning more about the personal style of some favourite style sistahs.

Technically, I already tagged Lady to do this yesterday. But worry not, I can easily come up with 50 more people to tag. However, in keeping with the guidelines, I will limit myself to 3 others: my fellow Canadian, Miss Cavendish, Norway's Ladybird, and someone I read frequently (and would like to know more about), the talented Wendy Brandes.

I so hope they take up the challenge so that we can all be enlivened by their excellent style. And, if they do, can't wait to see who they tag.

PS: Lady, if you are reading, feel free to tag 3 of your own faves - if you would like, bien sur.


  1. Thanks for the tag--my first! I am madly busy for the next few days but by the weekend I should be able to have something up on this important subject! I'm looking forward to the challenge.

    --Miss C

  2. Ack! This might require actual thought on my part!

  3. And this is so humbling, but here goes: I use "blogger" too but can't figure out how to interweave text and photo. My photos will appear only at the beginning of my entry. Is there a magic command I'm missing? Sorry to clog your comments with technical gunk, but my new assignment will require a weave.

  4. Miss C: The HTML on Blogger can be rather tricky, I completely agree. Here's what I recommend - but I'm no expert, so if someone else wants to weigh in on this, please enlighten us all.

    When you add the photo, it automatically goes to the top of the post (either left, centre or right justified). Then, you use 1 part finesse, 2 parts crossed fingers and drag the pic down to the spot you want it. Sometimes it's fussy and it doesn't work. I find it helps to have the spot ready for the picture before you try to drag it i.e. write all the text and leave the spaces, then drag the pics in. Then, the fun part is formatting the whole enchilada. That takes some deleting here and increasing the space there. (You get what I mean.)

    Oh, also, you can change the size of the pics by dragging from left upper or right lower corner - though sometimes this screws with resolution. Let me know how it goes. K

  5. WendyB - Actual thought is your milieu, from what I can tell.

    Miss C: Pls. don't feel rushed. I can imagine with your job and your 3 young children it's a mad whirlwind in your world. I'm super impressed you find 5 minutes to blog at all...