Saturday, February 16, 2008

Donna Karan Revisited

So, at first, when I saw pics of Donna Karan's Fall '08 collection, I was vaguely irritated. I don't know what it is about that woman and her easy pieces and her yoga-loving gyno-power cashmere scented lifestyle (and I say this as an Iyengar instructor, card-carrying feminist who can't get enough of anything that either smells good or has the word cashmere in it...) Sometimes I just feel like she's hitting me over the head with her brand. And it's so vast, like an empire, that I can't go through it or get around it or find myself within it.

But a few of my daily-read blogs have written about her show and, in light of this, I have found myself thinking DK was rather luxe, and far less drab than most of what I saw at NY Fashion Week this time around. Sidebar: You see, the incomparable community of fashion bloggers has actually swayed my opinion. According to my husband - and various mental health practitioners I've seen over the years - this is a veritable miracle!

So in the spirit of reconsideration, here are a few of the pieces I'm drawn to:

Gotta say her colour palette manages to be both subtle and bold at the same time. It seems to have been inspired by fall trees in New England. What do you think?


  1. I'm not sure whether the mustardy-green color is working for me. I love the lines in these photos, but who looks good in that color? Pas moi!

    I've always loved DK, but I agree with your caveats--her persona has become a little too much junior philosopher while her clothes have sometimes evoked window treatments.

  2. Loved her color palette! And a lot of the knitwear pieces were covetable, but I'm with you in being turned off by her marketing machine/image.

  3. Well done!! this models are beautiful!!

  4. Miss C - I hear you, it's not a colour that generally works on me, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt - esp. if worn away from face...

    I Heart and Tendergirl - Thanks for your posts, I really enjoy your blogs.

    Tendergirl: Merci pour vos mots aimable a votre blog. Je continuerai à pratiquer en francais...