Saturday, February 23, 2008


Do you ever get new glasses and try them on with the prescription lenses for the first time and look at yourself in the mirror and think who the hell is that woman and my lipstick colour is so all wrong and did I just make a huge freakin' mistake?

And then your husband tells you that you look softer and more feminine and all you can wonder is whether or not, in some backhanded way, that means less edgy and intellectual-seeming.

Just curious.


  1. I'm smiling as I'm reading this. The best sensation is when you suddenly realise that your glasses have gathered a tad too many fingerprints, you clean them...and it's like Wow, I can see everything so clearly now. Mine are Derapage, some or other Italian brand which I've never heard of. They're as similar as I could find to my previous ones so I'm used to this style by now. What is slightly disturbing is that my husband & I went separately to choose new frames in the same week, and ended up with very similar designs. At least we don't wear matching outfits....yet:)

  2. Don't scare me! I am going to need glasses soon and I'm worried that I won't like what I see in them. I believe blurry vision and dim lighting are excellent for one's self-esteem. Oh, and I'm still working on your tag.

  3. Bronwyn: I went with my husband and the SA had to steer us in different directions because we were attracted to exactly the same sort of frame!

    WendyB: Don't be scared, you have a great face shape for glasses. As for not liking what you see, I actually get my glasses made in a prescription that's less strong than what my "real prescription" should be precisely because I can't stand to see things to sharply. No this is not a joke and I even have the blessing of my eye doctor who says this is quite a common practice. See, mood vision is eternally within your control! (Note: I still see more than well enough to drive a car...)

  4. I've passed on an award to you - check my blog for details.

  5. Of course!

    We have images of ourselves, and then there is what the rest of the world thinks. Can you put the best of the two views—your husband's and yours—and be happy that you're edgy and soft? Are the two mutually exclusive for you?

  6. Eminently sensible suggestion, Enc! I've actually been out in the world today and (narcissistically) checking myself out in all the shop windows - I don't ususally do this, promise - and I'm starting to get used to the new me. I guess these things take time. K

    Bronwyn - Just went to your blog and I have to say THANK YOU for this fabulous award. (Just gushed in a comment over there.) Honestly, I'm so grateful to have readers such as yourself!

  7. When I got my glasses it was difficult to look in the mirror and notice flaws I had never seen before! But I just got used to them...and everyone else seems to like my glasses. (Sometimes I feel like say, you like them so much, why do you wear them?)

  8. Clothes Horse: I feel like saying that to people also - but (in truth) I like being able to hide behind my glasses just a little...

  9. I finally found a pair of glasses I like; who knew that these would be the same brown plastic tortoise I had when I was 14 and rejected when I was 15.

    After buying some fairly owlish purple wire frames that did nothing for me, I have finally found a pair I will wear in public, occasionally with no makeup. Actually, I dislike the look of eye makeup with glasses so this is no revolutionary event. I meant without lipstick.

    I am now going to make a slightly peevish comment away from the main topic: I dislike it when men use the adjective "soft." Because I have a Teutonic figure and military bearing (daughter of a General), I am perceived as being intimidating. Two things happen without my doing anything: Men shrink into homunculi or they become confrontational. This occurs before I open my mouth.

    Therefore, any change from this (mis)perception, such as having a bad flu or goiter, results in the compliment. "You look so much softer like that. That's nice."

    Men and Mars: truly different planets.

  10. Suzanna: You are hilarious! The double-entendre of the last sentence delights me :-) A propos of my post on wardrobe essentials - I think that tortoise shell is the perfect glasses basic. I've had a number of pairs over the years and they go perfectly with everything. K

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