Saturday, February 9, 2008

NY Fashion Week Newsflash In Brief

Halston has really made a comeback:

(Remember when coke kept you thin like this...)

Bill Blass goes gangsta chic:

Drawing swirly patterns on your tights is de rigeur - though you can buy them premade if your brain doesn't work that way:

Tights by Anna Sui

And, finally, this shoe and slashy fishnet motif from Rodarte is exceedingly popular, though I can't say it does a thing for me:

Sometimes I feel so trend-bucking.


  1. Just when I thought I had nothing to say about fashion..I become prolific on the subject! Soooooo... As you know K, I was NYC last week and frequently passed the fashion tents as "gratuitously" posted by your Lady in Crime from the Lacquer site ( I have in common with her only the experience of being in a rut, and being in NYC last week). We asked to go in but I guess we weren't "bums-to-fill-seats" material and we were denied. But, that leads me to a topic you may relate to. When we were there we met with S.K. which was great fun. However, I am haunted by the experience as she was wearing a vintage Missoni sweater coat that was absolutely perfect-it was so ... the old me AND the new me AND everywhere I want to be. And sooo wearable which cannot be said of many of Mr and Ms. Missoni's things. What is worse than finding out that a coveted item was not just bought in some other inaccessible city, not just not beyond your budget (both can be irritating) but to find out the object of your affection was bought in Italy in 1973 and there is no hope of finding another like it? Time machine, anyone? She said she would leave it to me in her will, but she IS only 26 and NYC is really much safer than it used to be so there really is no hope there. I immediately gave up hope but this experience set my husband alight- he dragged me on an impromptu search to all the Missoni stores in NYC to find something comparable. Check out one of their websites and you will see that everything is bright and stringy and really designed for Paris Hilton En Cruise. So K, keep your eye out at all your Vintage spots to continue the Mission Missoni. (Couldn't resist.)

  2. Hilly: Aren't you lucky that you have a) a metrosexual husband b) a tall and lanky frame and c) your memories of a NY shopathon calling on the pluses of both a) and b)? Of SK, what can I say? You could precipitate a little accident :-) But that wouldn't really be in the spirit of the love and caretaking you invested in her all those years ago.

    So many uses for a time machine! K