Saturday, February 9, 2008

Get with the Times

If you saw that irritating article in the NY Times last week, The Newly Uptight, no doubt you've discovered that, of late, fashion is "more about calmness than flash".

One of my fave blogs Lacquer (see blogroll) beat me to the punch in suggesting that the Times is, well, a bit behind the times, or at least on some kind of drug trip which is having a serious influence on editorial memory. Prim has been in the picture (on and off) for quite a few seasons now. I know because I love prim and I am not on a drug trip which has rendered my memory impaired.

Having had the nerve to diss the NY Times, I'm now going to add insult to injury by getting all lovey about - and reproductive of - a couple of newly uptight looks from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, pre-fall:

Say what you will about prim, it manages to be appropriate and hot - all the time.

BTW, just got a gorgeous pair of chocolate calfskin, cashmere-lined opera-length gloves from Club Monaco for $89.00 and they look like a million bucks when layered under a cropped sleeve.

Moreover, yesterday I stumbled on a new blog that seems quite interesting for it's mature perspective - Une femme d'un certain age. I found this great shot (Tahari) of the kind of look I absolutely adore - and absolutely wear - if not quite so sleekly:


  1. Love the gloves. Do not love the shoes with outfit #1. Really like the last outfit, very Katherine Hepburn.

  2. I had a post about this article too and I see your point. I loved the red gloves and the dress, but like la belette rouge, I hated the shoes!

  3. Birdy - I'll check out your post.

    I find it interesting that the shoes have elicited all the commentary!

    I completely agree with both of you that the gloves make the outfit and I do think that the shoes would be extremely hard to wear. But I find it kind of edgy. Very, "I'm so sexy I can wear flat boy oxfords with a pencil skirt".