Monday, February 18, 2008

Basic Training

Just read a super enjoyable post by Susie, style genius. It was in response to the routine comments she gets from fans / novice fashion dolls driven witless by her innovative ways and motivated to get all Bubble-icious. Thing is, there's nothing very basic about Susie's style. It's a veritable collision of Asian influence, British eccentric, youthful and that special something that cannot be defined.

No doubt, there is very little obvious intersection between Susie's style and mine. Where she is daring, I am safe. Where she's a DIY tour-de-force, I outsource. There's that little matter of (I reckon) 15 years between us. We're just different girls. Having said this, I read her blog religiously. I love it, and not because I love everything she throws together, not because I could ever imagine myself walking out the door dressed that way. I love it because, in her work, I feel the sheer joy of the creative spirit. She is no imposter, and yet a populist. Her blog says to me: Go out and do your thing. Do it all out.

So I completely understand why her readers itch for instruction, though she's the first to say that's not what she's about. Her latest post however , the one to which I've linked above, is a concession to the inspired. It provides an extensive photo breakdown, with commentary, of the many daily go-tos that sustain the Bubble wardrobe.

And as an homage - and fun exercise - I intend to provide in a near future post, my own list of basics. Can't guarantee they'll come with pictures because I appear to have a miserable cold and can barely stand to be looked at, much less photographed. Please stay tuned.

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