Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Clothes Make the (Wo)man

Maybe it's that January attitude fostering a surge of reflection on fashion (specifically personal dress) as a metaphor, but I was intrigued to discover three distinct, and yet similarly themed posts, from some of my fave bloggers:

In her vignette,, Queen Michelle reconsiders her comfort zone and the inherent challenges in breaking out of the ruts (or signiture looks) that define us all. This post is breezy semiotics for the style crowd...

Then there's Mrs Fashion (who's been woefully quiet for the past while) and her latest discourse on strength of character as expressed by strong, angular looks: Mrs F, a legit (but secret) fashion industry insider, calls it "psychological dressing", and enumerates the so-called benefits of scaring the crap out of those with whom you come into contact on a daily basis. Can't say this mode works for everyone, but how often - be honest - does your outfit act as armour? Do you have those "interview" clothes or "date" clothes or "makes you look thin when feeling fat" clothes lurking in your closet?

Last but not least, Lacquer's Lady in residence gives us her own spin. Recent adoptive mother of a darling puppy and NY expat, this elegant woman laments the misplacement of the inventive impulse in her own wardrobe of late. As the mother of an eight-year old (person), I can truly relate to feeling exhausted by life's demands and diminished by lack of access to the actual - and internal - places where innovation fluourishes. It is in light of this that I am confident that Lady's regular eclecticism is simply waiting on a good night's sleep and an exciting fashion show opp in NY. Till then, how fortunate that she looks great in jeans!

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  1. aw, thank you! I'm trying, and certainly racking my brain trying to come up with something for tomorrow :)