Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Basically, me...

Susie B. began her latest post by advising that she's not about dispensing style advice. But, as no one's actually asking me for advice, I feel I can be quite free in illustrating the basic underpinnings of my own wardrobe:

From the ground up

For me, as you may know by now, it all starts with the lingerie. I'm probably at my most individual on this layer of dress. From pink and baby blue leopard print to yellow florals to corset style balconettes, I like to know that I'm not phoning it in. I also love the constructive power of well-made undergarments. They make the rest of my clothes look that much better, which gives me confidence. Here are a couple of styles I wear:

Freya Matisse (left)
Freya Lola (right)

I've become one of those jeans freaks...

So what if it's Wednesday. If you wear dark, well-fitted denim while floating a "trouser" vibe, it's amazing what liberties you can take. I always dress it up with luxe accessories, cashmere and chic jackets. Then I pretend I work as a creative at an advertising agency. Looks I like:

Sass & Bide Misfit Slim (left)
Genetic Denim Mutated Twisted Seam (right)

Boots are de rigeur. Low wedges aren't bad either.

On a daily basis, throughout the winter, I fall back on my La Canadienne's to keep my feet toasty and dry - and to navigate the icy terrain.

However, when the snow is at bay, I love pointy-toed, sabrina heel boots like these:

Anne Klein, Ginger Boot

And this is the style of shoe I tend to wear:

Fly London, Tyne Shoe

Slim T / Long Cami

You know, James Pearse, Club Monaco, Jacob do a zillion varieties of a piece that functions (for me) as a perfect layering garment. I like to wear muted jewel tones (greens, blues, burgundies) as well as black - but I steer clear of white because I am the palest girl that ever lived and white tends to make me look dead.

Just call me "sweater girl"

There is no low micronaire I don't love to bits. Ca Va de Soi, Line, Theory, Laundry, Bloomingdales on sale, Holt Renfrew house brand (when you can find it) - I can't get enough of the slim, fitted sweater, as the base layer for a jacket (or other sweater) on top. I also love floaty, top layers that span the gap between structured jacket and cozy cardi...

Temperley London

The deconstructed jacket (which is often a sweater masquerading)

Hamish Morrow (right)
Rick Owens Lilies (left)

Wouldn't it be fun if other bloggers decided to work this idea? I'd love to know what constitutes a basic wardrobe for, let's say, Lady (over at Lacquer) or Rumi at Fashion Toast or Curella at Curella Says...


  1. Sass & Bide's jeans are seriously of good quality, wait.. exceptional quality.

    I love cashmere too, who doesn't. lol.

  2. I know - Sass & Bide is one of my absolute fave brands, but so hard to find in TO (and so expensive most of the time). Maybe you'll do a post about your own wardobe basics? Thanks for your comment. K

  3. Ooh, I love that Temperley sweater.

  4. And it can be yours for only a zillion dollars on Net a Porter! :-) Wendy: Just tagged you vis a vis this post to write a bit about your own wardrobe basics. Would love it if you can find the time to tell us a bit about your essentials. (Maybe Temperley features? I know Versace does!)

  5. Oh, K.line, I'm scared you're all going to be let down! Thanks for tagging me... I will put some thought into this.

  6. I just know you will have interesting things to tell us. I mean, your whole "Lady Jane" post had me in a thrall and it's about ye olde England :-)