Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I Love...

So last Friday afternoon, after a rather long - if not horrible - week, I got a piece of really great news. That, coupled with my semi-regular payday state of mind, motivated a stop-in at one of Toronto's most civilized boutiques, Ewanika on College Street.

It is owned by Trish, an elegant, friendly, low-key woman who is also a designer of beautiful, minimalist work wear and separates. Her eponymous label is interspersed with really eclectic jewelery finds (she sold those snakes I mentioned a few posts ago), beautiful luxe knits (Ca Va de Soi) and the rare - but spot-on - bag and shoe.

In a stroke of good fortune, I caught the tail end of a sale and managed to buy 3 really fab things - a orangey-brown Ca Va de Soi cashmere/merino/silk blend sweater, a longish black cashmere shell with attached tie (another Ca Va de Soi piece) and an Ewanika-designed blazer which manages to be both double-breasted and completely slim. It's got an amazing back profile due to an ingenious elastic gather. Stay tuned for pics of this piece, which is being altered to best suit my own personal shape.

Here are a couple of shots of the sweaters which, fyi, feel amazing and were 50% off. Sweater $145.00 / Shell $85.00:


  1. You svelte thing you. They look awesome on you. How very 70's BLOW UP to have the photographer in the mirror.

  2. I know - that's my absolute fave thing about this picture. The very reason I posted it. I don't think S realizes he made the shot :-)

  3. dear ms. k.line
    i love your blog. most of the time i'm giggling that you love fashion so much. i agree with your mom about nonmatching undergarments. why not try it someday and feel how it feels. of course, they still have to be high quality and beautifully constructed. please comment on handbags.

  4. Anon: Thanks for your lovely comment about the blog. It's like you read my mind about posting on handbags. I'm going to put something on that topic together soon. K