Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snake-y Goodness

You know I love beautiful, stylish things - and writing about them (obviously) - but you may not know that I'm the kind of gregarious girl who will stop you on the street to tell you if I think you look gorgeous / engage you in a conversation about when you bought your _____ in Paris on your graduation trip / accost you (demurely, I hope) to ask about whether your jeans are Sass and Bide and when did you get them and where.

Which is why it might not surprise you that I, too, am sometimes stopped by women having an espresso or walking down the road on a beautiful day, the likes of which encourages wearing one's most adorable things. And, a propos of this, there has rarely been an item of any category I've worn that has received as much positive feedback and actual touching as the snake jewellery, pictured above.

Seriously, even men touch it. Men I don't know.

And it seems to appeal to every age group and dressers of all shapes and styles.

The credit for these ingenious malleable trinkets - metal cups fitted one inside the other and secured by a tension cord from the inside - must go to the intrepid traveller, visionary and entrepreneur Sandra, who brought them back from Spain on one of her many adventures.


  1. They really are beautiful and fun to shape.

  2. I know - my mother says she gets stopped wearing hers all the time...