Friday, May 1, 2009

Jumping off the (Rad)Cliffe

So you know how I've been asking you all to weigh in on online shopping? That's cuz I was gearing myself up to buy something on Laws of General Economy. LOGE is that great blog on which I've listed some of my own clothing lately - everything's got a new home! - a blog I've been lurking on furtively for months.

Here's the thing: I'd finally psych myself to purchase and then a) the vendor would turn out to be a US shipper only b) I'd worry excessively about the measurements c) I'd be "sold" but then realize I didn't have a PayPal account. Yes, I was the last blogger in the world without a PayPal account. I'm old school, ok?

But, guess what? In the interests of recycling my own things, I've had to embrace the e-commerce scene and it's really quite a fun little learning curve. I've spent hours figuring out how to "sell" (profit's not the point in these transactions, but money changes hands nonetheless). I've been figuring out garment measurements and shipping weight and different shipping methods and invoicing people and getting reimbursement and mailing packages in stable yet inexpensive yet attractive ways.

I've learned so many things lately, which I love, and amongst those things, a purchase (using my PayPal account) seemed in order. How lucky for me that these awesome Radcliffe Skinny Convertible Jeans were advertised by Genevieve:

Genevieve is the most wonderful vendor ever. She spent numerous email exchanges answering my zillions of questions - because, let's face it, jeans are challenging things to buy site unseen given the innumerable fit issues. She's explained many of the PayPal mysteries to me and I've communicating with her tremendously. As a nervous, first time purchaser, I was a bit flippy (I'll admit) but G's been nothing but helpful.

To make matters more fab, I scored these jeans for $40.00 USD all in (that was $50.00 CDN) and they would retail for $200.00 before shipping had I bought them new. The theory behind LOGE is that vendors sell great (often designer / often nearly new) items that they aren't using anymore, for nominal (effort) fees. The vendor enjoys recycling beloved items, the new owner gets to love them from scratch. What a beautiful way to respect commerce, fashion and community!

Now, for sooth, I have no idea if they're going to fit. I did take my measurements and G did remeasure the jeans in certain spots to confirm they would fit (at least theoretically) and now I've just got to wait and see how the cookie crumbles. I SO hope they will though - of course, you'll be the first to know! Please keep your fingers crossed, OK?


  1. Fingers crossed - eagerly awaiting an update!

  2. Good job and great buy.I can't wait to hear how you like them. Let us know when we can stop crossing our fingers as it makes typing difficult.;-)

  3. Sounds a great buy, yes do tell us if you like.


  4. what a rockin' deal!!! i sure hope they fit and will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Oh cool. I still approach each online purchase with a mixture of eager anticipation and trepidation. Fingers crossed.

  6. Sal: You'll be the first to know...

    Bel: You win cute comment of the day! xoxo

    Imogen: Oh, so do I...

    Seeker: Please stand by.

    Droll: Amazing deal. Now they just have to look awesome and all will be well :-)

    Mardel: That sums it up very accurately. But I lean towards delusional optimism.

    Hammie: Not here yet. May take another week because they are coming from the states - and I assume they were sent slow-style. I'll let you know asap!