Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden Fashion

Insanely, having spent half of Monday on the phone with IKEA reps, determining that if I waited one more moment there would be not a garden suite left to purchase, I Autoshared it over there stat after work.

Props to my friend Steen, who accompanied me on the spur of the moment (the last time I drove was a year ago and I have raging PMS) and who helped me immeasurably in choosing the pieces and then getting them into the car.

We managed to find, choose and pay for these in 15 minutes:

Bollo Folding Chair x 4
1 Applaro Table - seats 4 - 10 (and I intend to have you over!)
Applaro Body Contour Armchair x 2

I'm the first one to say that these IKEA site photos aren't really doing the trick. The pieces are, in reality, a) matching or eclectically unmatched and b) not so strangely sized in relation to one another. I'm dismayed that everything photoed by the IKEA peeps (and published on the website) seems to be a different shade - which is certainly not the case when you actually buy the items and put them side-by-side...

I also took a chance on the Soldig solar lights:

Here they are in someone's real garden...

Now seriously, all I need is for the hardscaper to get over to my place and lay the pavers so that my landscaper can finish her part and I can set these babies up to start enjoying!! My patience, regrettably, is on the wane.

Note to paver: Please finish this by my birthday...


  1. I really like those furniture choices - we have the dodgiest plastic setting on our verandah - I found it under the house here when we moved in. I definitely might have to check out Ikea when we eventually get something nice in stead of the plastic peril.

  2. Boy, that garden is going to look great when everything is all put together and in place! I can't wait to see all the party photos that will no doubt ensue.

  3. Skye: I inherited some plastic too! It does the trick until the next phase of gardening, no?

    E: Thank you so much for your optimism!! Right now I'm at that phase where I can't stand looking at the (messy) "before". I'm trying to maintain my perspective.

    Andrea: We just put them out - but not as a clump, in a line around the path. I'll take some photos when I can... Thanks!

  4. I like everything you chose. I can't wait to see the finished garden!

    I can't really tell by the table pic. But it is a smooth surface? Or does it have slats like the chairs?

  5. I can't wait to see your finished garden - it's going to be beautiful.

  6. Cool lights. Like glowsticks. Like a garden on Ecstasy.

  7. I love the names of Ikea furniture. Like those 'Bollo' chairs - probably aren't named after the gorilla in 'The Mighty Boosh', but that's what they make me think of. Teehee!

  8. I really like your Garden choices, I can't wait to see the finished Garden, all the lovely furniture's... how will you celebrate your debut?

  9. oooh that table and chairs.

  10. Raven and Stacey: Really, at this point no one can stand to wait less than me to see the finished product :-) The top has slats...

    Wendy: They are very odd when you actually set them up (I didn't make a lump of them, I put them around the path on either side. The light is different colour than my other solars. Don't know what I think.

    Iris: The IKEA names are truly some of the more amusing furntiture names I've ever seen. I'm trying to remember the name of these shelves I got. It's a scream.

    GJ: Hmmm, I think I will celebrate by sitting my ass down on one of the chairs and not moving for a while :-)

    Thanks, Maegan!