Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I Wore

I bought the vintage 60's polyester skirt ($28.00) at Apt. 909 last spring - and I've enjoyed it's retro, geeky quality ever since. It's actually got built in panty-shorts?! With my American Apparel ivory, ribbed over-the-knee socks and a prim top, it's quite a fun look. And the short trench was $39.00 at H&M last summer. Yulanda generously scoured the Eaton Centre store with me to find it, though in the end, alas, I had to go to the Dufferin Mall location (where it was originally sighted) to get my hands on it...

You may recall my riff on this outfit last spring - the photos are awful (eek, muffin head) but you'll get the gist of the styling.


  1. Looking hot as always. Trust you to rock polyester.

  2. Looking very stylish, I really like the jacket!

  3. That trench was worth the scouring.

  4. what are the built in panties about? Is it a genuine catholic school girls skirt and they are making sure nothing untoward happens?

    Sexy Outfit K!

  5. LOVE this outfit. And that's awesome about the panties...LOL!

  6. I have runner shorts with built in panties and I love them. So, I get the joy of a multi-taking item.

    The outfit is fantastic. Nicely done. And, I love the look on your face in photo #2( 1/2 smile and 1/2 hurry up). I like when a photo captures two feelings at once. It is kind of like when Buddhist monks who can sing two notes at the same time.

  7. My dear you look hubba hubba to the nth power in that outfit. Love the boot on you!

  8. Look great my dear, it's curious that when I've been at TO I always ended buying things on Dufferin Mall after a search at downtown :)


  9. I LOVE IT!!! a homerun! a knockout! whatever you want to call it, i love it!

  10. I am totally digging the "skirt"! Are those nylons or leggings? Muffin top or not, I think you look fabu!

  11. Fabulous outfit, you really make that look into something fabulous. I seem to remember skirts with that kind of built in panty-shorts thing, although I was a bit young to worry about showing anything. G** that dates me.

  12. Anon: Merci!

    Fab: Thanks - I didn't know whether to keep it but now I'm glad I did... It's turned into my spring staple.

    Sal: I thought you'd like it!

    Hammie: Ha! I think they made a bunch of them like this in the day - kind of like the skort prototype but grannier.

    Wendy: Thanks - you see, a gal pushing forty can certainly wear knee socks :-)

    Bel: Aren't they great! And you noticed my whiff of impatience - like, please make me beautiful in the photo but I have to get the hell out of here :-)

    Monkey: Thanks! You know, this boot used to be a staple in the stores till last fall when I tried to find another pair, and discovered they've changed the heel and the fit. Had to take my almost toast ones to the shoemaker and eke out another year. They'd better come back this fall!!

    Maegan: Thank you!

    Seeker: It's my secret place! The loot there is really good but no one expects it. You have to tell me when you come to TO next and we'll go there together!

    Andrea and Droll: Thanks!

    GJ: Ha! Muffin head - not top! (Although I have that too :-)) They're over-the-knee socks that go mid thigh. Very useful...

    Mardel - Thanks so much! It's ok to remember them... I kind of remember them too!

  13. Oh my gosh.. I said muffin top- haha so sorry! You can smack me.

  14. i like it, especially the jacket

  15. GJ: All is forgiven! :-)

    Stacy: Thanks so much!