Friday, May 8, 2009

Showing My Stripes

I'm very partial to the zebra meets stripey T look... It's a bit crazy, but in the most gentle way.



  1. You do look fab in your strips and you wear it well... oh how awesomely cool- do I see Sakura sneaking up behind you?

  2. I LOVE the zebra meets stripes combo. Brilliant and whimsical without being wild.

  3. Fun and daring - love it!

  4. I was looking for that zebra print belt when I was at CM last week. I guess they're all gone by now. Great buy.

  5. GJ: THank you! Is a sakura a flowering almond? If yes, then yes! And stay tuned for 8 zillion photos of the thing.

    Bel: Thanks! It is kind of whimsical. Love that description.

    Sal: Thanks. It's like something you might try...

    Monkey: Merci. I'm going for gallic.

    Raven: It's practically toast, I've worn it so much. The pony is starting to bald out (if you can believe it). I still don't regret having spent 60 bucks on it. To say I've got my money's worth is the understatement of the century. I tried to find another (when they went on sale) but, alas, they only had smalls left and I wanted a medium to wear with lower jeans (not just on waist).

  6. It's a subtle pattern mix. I would say "yay"!

  7. well i love it! it totally works!!!

  8. It works because they're different width stripes and different angles, yet relate because of the colour.

  9. Perfect. Love the look. What shoes?

  10. Love It! It seems that the colors coordinate but the stripes are different enough that they balance each other out more than contrast. Really very chic.

  11. You know of my love of you in zebra, I say add in another contrasting print and really shake things up.

  12. F: Thank you. I like that description.

    Ambika: Thanks. And I LOVE your new house!

    CC: It's my little fashion nod :-)

    Droll: Thank you!

    Imogen: I didn't think of why it worked - just like the idea of making people crazy with stripes. Now I have the rationale!

    Thanks Wendy.

    Tessa: Good question. Well, I've worn this a couple of times now, once with black puma walking shoes (the velcro ones that were all the rage 8 years ago) and once with those 40s style maroon t-straps I have. It's fun both ways.

    Mardel: Imogen said the same thing. You two obviously understand these things very well. I never thought of it.

    Mattie: I'm working on it. I'm going to try to throw a floral in there. Just looking for the right one. Kxo